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May 1, 2008 07:10 PM

McDonalds "Angus" burger

Tried my first Angus burger from McDonalds today, so YOU don't have to, and here are my reportings (borat voice). Decent amount of what seemed to be boiled meat on a commercial style chibata bun topped w/ red onions, pickles, mayo, lettuce and tomato. I was only able to eat 3/4 of this disaster before throwing the towel in. Granted, i wasn't expecting a gourmet burger from a fast food chain (especially McDs) but I left wishing I had ordered a couple of their standard laughable least then my expectation would have been lower.

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  1. It should be clear to consumers that the way to utilize McD's and the other mega-chains is to take advantage of their loss leaders. The item to get at McD's is their double-cheeseburger at a buck -- special ordered (I get mine w/o mustard) so yours has not been sitting around. Add one of the HUGE 99-cent softdrink specials and maybe a dollar fries and you have a quick stopgap meal for $3 and change.

    At Jack in the Box get the two tacos for 99-cents. At BK get the dollar menu whopper junior. At Wendy's get the bacon cheeseburger stack or whatever is a buck and I understand they'll throw in the lettuce, tomato and onion. Supplement with a frosty.

    You can satisfy a hunger cheaply at these chains. It is when you try to go upscale and order the $3 or $4 sandwiches or $5 or $6 combos that you get ripped off.

    1. I tried the Angus burger @ Burger King and also wished I had just ordered a regular burger, it was disgusting and I usually like their regular burgers.
      I agree with nosh, go for the dollar menu if you go at all, it's definitely to your financial advantage.

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        Dollar menu is all I ever get. Just a quick baked tater or fries at wendys, maybe a quick single. Whopper junior and egg mcmuffins if they put them on special. I don't eat them often, but now and then I do actually like them. Angus, tried 1 and that was enough. Not worth it.

      2. I wouldn't be surprised if George Cohon, the president of McDonald's Canada, was behind this product. A Canadian chain, Harvey's, introduced an Angus burger some time ago, and it has been successful at increasing traffic, and the average check. Cohon (who was responsible for getting McDonald's into Russia) has the ear of Oak Brook, and doubtless suggested an imitation.

        Of course, the difference between McD's and Harvey's is at McD's, your burger is pre-fab and while you can get a special order, it takes a lot of time. At Harvey's, you get your choice of 9 different toppings, they grill it fresh when you order, and you get to select your choice of toppings (extra tomato? extra pickle? no problem) while they build your burger in front of you.

        I'm betting the McD version goes the way of the Arch Deluxe. .

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        1. re: KevinB

          The only burger that tastes like "beef" at Harvey's is the veggie burger. The "beef" burgers taste like a combo of rubber erasers and TVP with "smoke" flavouring.

          Good fries and good pickles. But I hate the burgers at Harvey's.

          1. re: John Manzo

            I stopped at the Harvey's outside Niagara on the Lake because I was starving. I actually threw away the burger, it was so bad, and I was brought up never to waste food.

            My McDonald's burger preference is two cheeseburgers without onions. They can do special orders in the drive-thru, even though they don't encourage it, and this way you can ensure your food is relatively fresh.

            1. re: brendastarlet

              No need to waste food. A while back I got some free coupons for McD quarter pounder with cheese,(I ordered it w/out cheese, no luck, they left it on), anyway, about half way through I was so disgusted with the thing I decided to give it to a stray dog if I could find one. Luck would have it, I found four or five, divided up the remains, and distributed to the poor but temporarily happy poochs. The rest of the coupons I gave to my co-workers, they'll eat anything.

        2. The old Angus Burger trick strikes again.

          I have no idea how this "Angus" beef has become premium beef but just about evey piece of it I've ever had sucked.
          I felt no need to spend more money to confirm what I already knew.


          1. I tried the McDo Angus burger today, and I agree: it was nasty. I also couldn't eat more than 3/4 of it, and I was struggling when i was half finished with it. Also, the colder the sandwich got, the nastier it tasted. Never again.

            I agree, if you have to eat at McDonald's, order from the dollar menu.

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            1. re: miaou

              I am noticing that here in San Francisco the double cheeseburger has sadly been removed from $1 menus. I don't know if this is company-wide or permanent but I've seen it at several locations here. I'm sure this item is a loss leader for them, I sometimes order just one and nothing else, sort've a guilty pleasure.