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McDonalds "Angus" burger

Tried my first Angus burger from McDonalds today, so YOU don't have to, and here are my reportings (borat voice). Decent amount of what seemed to be boiled meat on a commercial style chibata bun topped w/ red onions, pickles, mayo, lettuce and tomato. I was only able to eat 3/4 of this disaster before throwing the towel in. Granted, i wasn't expecting a gourmet burger from a fast food chain (especially McDs) but I left wishing I had ordered a couple of their standard laughable hamburgers....at least then my expectation would have been lower.

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  1. It should be clear to consumers that the way to utilize McD's and the other mega-chains is to take advantage of their loss leaders. The item to get at McD's is their double-cheeseburger at a buck -- special ordered (I get mine w/o mustard) so yours has not been sitting around. Add one of the HUGE 99-cent softdrink specials and maybe a dollar fries and you have a quick stopgap meal for $3 and change.

    At Jack in the Box get the two tacos for 99-cents. At BK get the dollar menu whopper junior. At Wendy's get the bacon cheeseburger stack or whatever is a buck and I understand they'll throw in the lettuce, tomato and onion. Supplement with a frosty.

    You can satisfy a hunger cheaply at these chains. It is when you try to go upscale and order the $3 or $4 sandwiches or $5 or $6 combos that you get ripped off.

    1. I tried the Angus burger @ Burger King and also wished I had just ordered a regular burger, it was disgusting and I usually like their regular burgers.
      I agree with nosh, go for the dollar menu if you go at all, it's definitely to your financial advantage.

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        Dollar menu is all I ever get. Just a quick baked tater or fries at wendys, maybe a quick single. Whopper junior and egg mcmuffins if they put them on special. I don't eat them often, but now and then I do actually like them. Angus, tried 1 and that was enough. Not worth it.

      2. I wouldn't be surprised if George Cohon, the president of McDonald's Canada, was behind this product. A Canadian chain, Harvey's, introduced an Angus burger some time ago, and it has been successful at increasing traffic, and the average check. Cohon (who was responsible for getting McDonald's into Russia) has the ear of Oak Brook, and doubtless suggested an imitation.

        Of course, the difference between McD's and Harvey's is at McD's, your burger is pre-fab and while you can get a special order, it takes a lot of time. At Harvey's, you get your choice of 9 different toppings, they grill it fresh when you order, and you get to select your choice of toppings (extra tomato? extra pickle? no problem) while they build your burger in front of you.

        I'm betting the McD version goes the way of the Arch Deluxe. .

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        1. re: KevinB

          The only burger that tastes like "beef" at Harvey's is the veggie burger. The "beef" burgers taste like a combo of rubber erasers and TVP with "smoke" flavouring.

          Good fries and good pickles. But I hate the burgers at Harvey's.

          1. re: John Manzo

            I stopped at the Harvey's outside Niagara on the Lake because I was starving. I actually threw away the burger, it was so bad, and I was brought up never to waste food.

            My McDonald's burger preference is two cheeseburgers without onions. They can do special orders in the drive-thru, even though they don't encourage it, and this way you can ensure your food is relatively fresh.

            1. re: brendastarlet

              No need to waste food. A while back I got some free coupons for McD quarter pounder with cheese,(I ordered it w/out cheese, no luck, they left it on), anyway, about half way through I was so disgusted with the thing I decided to give it to a stray dog if I could find one. Luck would have it, I found four or five, divided up the remains, and distributed to the poor but temporarily happy poochs. The rest of the coupons I gave to my co-workers, they'll eat anything.

        2. The old Angus Burger trick strikes again.

          I have no idea how this "Angus" beef has become premium beef but just about evey piece of it I've ever had sucked.
          I felt no need to spend more money to confirm what I already knew.


          1. I tried the McDo Angus burger today, and I agree: it was nasty. I also couldn't eat more than 3/4 of it, and I was struggling when i was half finished with it. Also, the colder the sandwich got, the nastier it tasted. Never again.

            I agree, if you have to eat at McDonald's, order from the dollar menu.

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            1. re: miaou

              I am noticing that here in San Francisco the double cheeseburger has sadly been removed from $1 menus. I don't know if this is company-wide or permanent but I've seen it at several locations here. I'm sure this item is a loss leader for them, I sometimes order just one and nothing else, sort've a guilty pleasure.

            2. I was in New Jersey visiting my in-laws for Passsover. On the way to our Seder, I stopped at McDonald's for a quick-fix since I hadn't eaten all day. I ordered the Angus Burger except, for fun, I ordered it as the "Anus Burger." The guy taking my order didn't even flinch. And then I ate it - in the car - and couldn't finish it and in hindsight I think that an Anus Burger might have been better than my Angus Burger,

              1. I had one a few months ago when they came out. Funny, I also couldn't finish it. I got nauseous. Combination of it being very boiled tasting and very greasy. I'm not a big fan of the quarter pounder, but at least it's edible. Can't believe you pay a premium price for an inferior burger.

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                1. re: sbp

                  That seems to be the thing with these angus burgers. You pay more for an inferior burger.
                  Someone suggested it's because the use inferior cuts but since they call it angus, they charge a premium. Bad beef is bad beef. No mater what you call it.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    You're right on that. And it's not fat content. When I make my own burgers, I buy 80% lean, so the Angus is probably not fattier. But somehow, it tastes greasier and "off."

                    1. re: sbp

                      I know a butcher and I asked him if there was any real difference between angus beef and regular. He said "Not really. I wouldn't pay more for it".


                2. all signs point to it being crap. are you guys buying it just to post about it?

                  1. I tried one when they first came out, it was really dry, not juicy at all. That was the last time I ever got one. I will still rock the double cheeseburger in a pinch.

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                    1. re: MattInNJ

                      I just tried an Angus Burger w/bacon & onions today, for the first time. Mine too, was dry. Never again.

                    2. Just what is Angus beef? At my local pathmark store they sell angus beef but it select not even choice. What is so special?

                      As to the fast food bargains, I like Burger King. There is a special printed on the back of the receipt. Short phone menu survey gives you a monthly code. Free Whopper of Chicken sandwich with purchase of fries and drink. Both fries and drink can be from dollar menu. $2 plus tax for Sandwich fries and unlimited beverage.

                      1. I saw the add for this burger and thought it looked and sounded good. So as for alot of other things,I turned to the net to see what othes have said. You know there isnt much positive said on this burger! Several years back, I was a diary farm manager. I had to be certified for certian things. In one of the QCC classes I learnt that "CERTIFIED ANGUS" is NOT only angus cattle! It can be any mix or breed of a cow that is black sided! Meaning we were able to sell holstein cross breeds for a premium price bc they were black! It is all a ploy to the general public, in order to increase revenue for somone!

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                        1. re: wantingtotry

                          First off, McDonalds doesn't use "Certified Angus Beef." That's a brand, not a breed, and it has some fairly stringent requirements that ensure a certain level of quality (see below). McDonalds uses "100% Angus Beef." Whatever that means. (Does it mean beef from 100% purebred Angus, or 100% beef--no roadkill--that comes from cattle that have some Angus genes). Anyway, there are no stated standards to ensure quality.

                          "Certified Angus Beef" is different. Contrary to your assertion, cattle can't be from "any mix or breed ... that is black sided." Rather, they must be more than half black ***and exhibit Angus influence.*** So only Angus and Angus crosses are eligible. I suppose that a Holstein-Angus cross would meet that requirement, but does anybody really do that?

                          The more significant requirements for Certified Angus Beef are that the carcass has to be from a young animal and exhibit a modest or higher degree of marbling and medium or fine marbling texture. This means that every piece of Certified Angus Beef is in the top two-thirds of the USDA Choice grade. Which seems to me like a fairly good reason for a carcass to sell at a premium.

                          1. re: alanbarnes

                            The specifications only require 51% black hide and moderately thick and wide muscling for the pheotype. There are plenty of cattle that could meet this spec. without much angus influence.

                        2. The McDonalds angus burgers are hands down disgusting! For sure the worst burger that I have ever had in my life! It tasted like it was cooked in salt water. The sodium content of this trash must have been out of the roof! I tried one 5 days ago and the taste is still on my tongue and will not go away! It tasted like biting into a salt patty. I mean come on.. I can not believe that they are selling this garbage. Smoking is better for you rather than eating at McDonalds!

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                          1. re: trgdytomor29

                            For whatever reason, we don't (thankfully, apparently) have the Angus Burger on the menu in San Francisco Bay Area McDonalds.

                            I would caution against ordering Chicken McNuggets, as they contain TBHQ (tert-Butylhydroquinone), an anti-oxidant food preservative that many consider to be more potentially harmful (especially to the liver) than its slow-down-rancidity ability is worth.

                            1. re: cmvan

                              Marketers use the term Angus to fool the public. All it means it the breed of cow, and that tells you absolutely nothing about the quality.

                              On the other hand, the term "certified Angus" really does have standards (marbling, etc.) that gives you a better chance at a slightly higher quality of beef. I've read that "Certified Angus" (and it must say exactly those words, or it means nothing) is the upper 2/3 of the USDA Choice beef. That's better than USDA Select, and obviously better than the lowere 1/3 of the Choice category.

                              If it doesn't say "Certified Angus" you should ignore it!!! Who cares what species of cow it comes from? Marketers are trying to confuse and deceive you into thinking it's a higher quality, and it is not. I really get angry at how these US Corporations are allowed to deceive the public. They charge more when they shouldn't be allowed to, and they deceive their customers. There should be backlash against these companies that are really using sophistry and really amounts to false advertising. Why isn't the FDA policing these advertisements? Heck the FDA can't even inspect the meat for safety never mind quality and deceptive advertising issues.

                              1. re: wrobert3

                                No one wants to believe me when I say it's just a ruse.


                                1. re: wrobert3

                                  >>"Marketers use the term Angus to fool the public. All it means it the breed of cow, and that tells you absolutely nothing about the quality."<<

                                  >>"Who cares what species of cow it comes from? Marketers are trying to confuse and deceive you into thinking it's a higher quality, and it is not."<<

                                  Sorry, but you're wrong. In the first place, we don't eat many **cows** (aka heifers). Most beef comes from steers (castrated bulls).

                                  And the breed is extremely important. A number of breeds of cattle (including Angus, Hereford, etc.) have been developed solely for the quality of meat they produce. Not for the quantity of milk they give, not for the ability to pull a plow or a heavy cart, just for the quality of their meat.

                                  If breed weren't important, why would people pay super-premium prices for Wagyu beef? It's just a breed, after all. But it's a breed that develops tremendous quantities of intramuscular fat, resulting in meat that's way above USDA Prime.

                                  Whether Angus beef is better than Hereford beef is a matter of vigorous dispute amongst cattlemen. The best examples of each breed are outstanding, and the worst examples are mediocre at best. But on average, an Angus or a Hereford is going to produce much higher-quality meat than, say, a Guernsey or a Holstein.

                                  Nobody's deceiving anybody. There's no false advertising going on. Get over it, already.

                                  1. re: alanbarnes

                                    I'm not so sure that marketers aren't trying to decieve. I've heard (without proof mind you) that these food corps. are using Angus but a lesser grade than they're using for their regular burgers. Then charging a premium because it's "Angus" and people just buying into it.

                                    If it's true, then there is deception. If not, then I just don't see all the fuss about Angus. I've tried it a few times and even cooked it myself. It just wasn't as good.


                                    1. re: alanbarnes

                                      Maybe not deception, but much ado (and premium price) over nothing.
                                      Most American beef is not anything to write home about anyway. I hardly even eat beef any more and when I do, I certainly don't pay extra for "Angus". It is clearly more marketing hype than anything else.

                                      As for McD's "Angus" burger, it has the same 'boiled' taste as the rest of their line, probably owing to their (relatively) new method of cooking the burgers in a closed two sided grill (presumably to make them cook faster. Kind of steams the burger rather than grilling or frying it.

                                      McDonald's is only 'last resort' food anyway. I'll eat it, but I do try to stay away if possible.

                                  2. re: cmvan

                                    The San Franciso store on Front between California & Sacramento has them.

                                2. I got one this weekend because the wife wanted some fish sandwiches for lunch. Worst...idea...ever. I'd rather eat a hockey puck soaked in used motor oil because that's about what it tasted like. WAY too much salt, but I guess that was used to cover the "lack of beef" taste. Who does taste-testing for McDonalds, anyway??

                                  1. Note to self: don't sell What-a-burger stock just yet.

                                    1. While not exactly referencing the Angus burger, we just returned from a European trip and were interested to find they offer free wi-fi in McDonalds in France and also sell beer.

                                      Didn't try burgers. Can't comment.

                                      1. Three of us went to McD's for dinner last night and had Angus Burger combos. One of our group works at McD's and is presumably immune to any of it's effects. Today I found out that the other two of us had some intestinal distress during the night, presumably a result of the burgers (because the fries have never given us problems, and we had different drinks.) Normally I have a cast iron stomach, being awakened at one in the morning with stomach issues is a very rare thing for me.

                                        It tasted ok for a fast food burger, and at 1/3 pound is a decent size patty. As far as I know the only McBurger that uses mayo since they discontinued the McLean (although they slather plenty on their chicken sandwiches.)

                                        Some of my friends have been spelling/saying "ANgUS" without the g, I may join the movement. I don't think the an^us burger will be around for long.

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                                        1. re: KaimukiMan

                                          I too tried an angus burger. It wasnt as horrible to me as some folks have said. The meat does taste boiled, but all Mickey D's burgers taste that way. If you can handle the McDonalds flavor, then the angus burger is just a more filling version of their standard slop. It wasnt great, but it filled the hole. I dont see me ever craving one or for that matter even ordering it again. My trips the McDonalds will pretty much always be for the 1 dollar double cheeseburger on nights when Im about to pound some booze and realize that I havent eaten enough to sustain a 6 hour binge drinking beer fest.

                                          1. re: down73

                                            yes, those Double Cheeseburger's (no longer a dollar here) or the McDouble (still a dollar) do hit the spot after a few rounds.

                                            I think it was the amount of fatty hamburger meat (1/3 pound) plus the cheese-like food substance, plus the mayo that did it. Added to the fries, it was just more of a fat bomb than my system could deal with. I mean, we are pushing 2000 calories and probably more than half of that was fat calories. Kinda makes a joke out of RDA's in just one meal.

                                            1. re: KaimukiMan

                                              Everything is subjective I know, but for me the patty has enough grease but when lots of cheese is added and then the intense richness of mayonnaise on top I think I would wretch lol,. A burger like that needs the acidity of pickles or some kind of mustard to counteract all that fat, otherwise it's too one dimensional. I had a filet o'fish once and they must have put the mayo on with a spatula, it was disgusting.

                                              1. re: Enric

                                                I finally tried them, given there was a buy one get one free promotion going on. As far as I can tell, the beef tastes just like their other burgers and at 1/3 lb is too much of a not-very-good thing. The only thing I can see that appears to have been upgraded is the toppings. I'll stick with my 99 cent McDoubles, which are junky food but oddly tasty for the price.

                                                My deluxe tasted like it might have been salted twice, and my bacon and cheese was missing the bacon. YMMV.

                                        2. the angus burgers are pretty good. and best of all they look exactly like the advertisements. i use buy one get one coupons on them so i get two thirds of angus for 4.29 not bad.

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                                          1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                                            I agree - I ordered the version with bacon and was impressed (for McDonalds). The seemingly fresher and more plentiful toppings made the difference. i found it funny that the burger retained the same McDonalds taste.

                                            1. re: Wes Mantooth

                                              My husband says they are pretty good, but need ketchup.

                                          2. The Angus burger from McD's is a copy of Carls Jr. 6 dollar burger and IMHO is dryer and less tasty than the 6 dollar burger.

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                                            1. re: malibumike

                                              yeah but not everyone has a carls jr. carls does a poor job of expanding. here in nj i dont have one so yeah.

                                                1. re: Fibber McGee

                                                  Is the Carls Jr $6 Burger the same as the Hardees Monster Thickburger? I thought the latter was pretty good, but all the Hardees around DC closed and we don't have Carls Jr out east.

                                                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                    No, Hardee's has a $6 Burger, as well. It's a limited offering, I believe. Like Carl Jr's, a more upscale version of their regular burgers. The Monster is just big.
                                                    There doesn't seem to be any Hardee's in NJ, as well. Some in pennsylvania and Delaware, though.

                                                    1. re: Fibber McGee

                                                      There were a couple of Hardee's in NJ years ago...but they seem long gone. Their roast beef sandwiches were not terrible, until they switched from actual roasts to a bizarre kind of "mystery meat" thing. Just awful...

                                                      1. re: The Professor

                                                        I don't know of a single fastfood chain that actually uses unprocessed roast beef. Hardees, Roy Rogers, Arbys: they all use that roast beef Spam-in-a-gel-cryovac stuff that has the consistency of weatherstripping. At least Arby's has the foresight to drown theirs in nacho/bbq/cholera sauce to add some flavor.

                                                        Their burgers are usually alright, though.

                                                  2. re: Fibber McGee

                                                    there are no hardees in nj. and although carls jrs and hardees are one i nthe same. there are differences in menu items. you wont find a bigcarl in hardees or a thickburger at carls jr.

                                              1. I tried the Angus Burger last night because it looked really good. It tasted good while I was eating it, but I have to agree with some of the posts on here. There was a nasty taste in my mouth after I finished the burger that just wouldn't go away. Even after brushing my teeth the taste remained. I don't know if it has MSG on it, or extra salt, or a charbroiled flavor, but the taste that wouldn't go away was disgusting and I will never order it again. Not to mention that after I brushed my teeth I found a short thick black hair in my molar that looked too much like an angus hair and I grew up around cattle. Disgusting. Bicknell Indiana McDonalds.