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May 1, 2008 07:07 PM

Adagio Trattoria or Fireworks in Brattleboro?

I live in Concord, NH; my folks live in Northampton, MA. We're meeting in WIlmington, VT to spend Mother's Day together. I want to take my mother out to dinner to a place that is relatively nice. It seems that most of the nice places in the Wilmington/West Dover area are closed until Memorial Day, so I'm thinking that we'll all head to Brattleboro for dinner. The catch is that I have a soon-to-be three year old so some of the more chi-chi places probably wouldn't work for us (e.g., Peter Havens, Thirty 9 Main). We went to Max's last year and really liked it, but I hear it's now closed. So, I'm debating between Adagio Trattoria and Fireworks. Thoughts? Other suggestions?


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  1. I was at both restaurants in February during a birthday weekend, and each had its merits. Fireworks is the more casual of the two, with plain wooden floors, a lot of open space, open kitchen, metal table tops and what I thought was a wonderful thin crust pizza, just enough for a late lunch. Adagio seems to be a bit more fancy in its decor, and the food, while not the best I've ever had, was good. You might want to check out the menu for each. Fireworks is here:

    Here's Adagio's:

    I would also check out the following Chowhound topic for others' opinions:

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      Thank you! As it turns out, it looks like Fireworks doesn't serve on Sundays. So, either we move our plans to Saturday so that we can eat at Fireworks, or keep them as is and eat at Adagio Trattoria. I'm going to call Adagio to ask them whether taking a three-year-old there makes sense. He's well-behaved, but he's a typically unpredictable toddler. :)

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        I suggest you try the Roadhouse on Rt 100 in Wilmington, VT. It is always open and the food is very good. Right now they might have a limited menu but there is always beef, fish, chicken, and pork dishes plus a bunch os specials. The price includes soup salad and dessert and is a good place for children also.