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May 1, 2008 06:59 PM

Anyone ever heard of Bar-B-Cutie BBQ?

I have noticed a former Jakes Burgers getting a makeover in Allen (TX), and yesterday they finally put up a sign. It said "Coming Soon - Bar-B-Cutie's". From looking at their web site, it apparently is some sort of BBQ place (Duh!), and has multiple locations in the southeast. Has anyone ever heard of this?

I know we don't have any superior BBQ places here in North Texas, but since our local Sonny Bryan's in McKinney closed, I would like at least a mediocre 'Q place to go.

Any info? Thanks in advance.

Mr Bean

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  1. Just a little. They're a chain(20-30) out of TN that's actually been around a while. It looks like a situation where someone bought a name and is franchising it out. They just put one in North Richland Hills in a notoriously bad restaurant spot. I've been meaning to go, but haven't gotten around to it.

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    1. re: kindofabigdeal

      Thanks for the info. When I looked closer at their web site, it appears that you hit it right on the head - looks like they bought a name and are trying to franchise it out nationally. Not a good sign.

      I'll probably give it one try since it's close to my house, but I'm not holding out much hope.

      I appreciate your reply.

      Mr Bean

    2. C & B BBQ in Allen, on Main just west of Greenville, is better than mediocre in that area.

      1. hope this does not burst your bean but...

        skip your trip to bar-b-cutie.

        when the wife and i saw them putting in a new bbq joint in allen we were excited. lastnight we made our move and went to dinner at bar b cutie..1st things 1st..we have been to and enjoyed the best bbq texas(lockhart, llano, huntsville) have to offer, so needless to say, we have high standards when it comes to the Q..

        ribs - C - thumbs down - dry, not very "meaty", not much smoke taste - good portion on a 2 meat plate

        turkey - F - thumbs down even further - bone dry, NO smokey taste - this poor bird must have spent way too much time under the heat lamps

        brisket - B - decent - good smoke ring and flavor - not dry - not greasy - best meat i tried at bar b cutie

        cole slaw - C - bland and very generic

        fried okra - F - i assume these were bought out of the frozen section at any grocery store

        beans - B+ - good - best sampling of food from bar b cutie - bold flavor but not sweet

        corn cakes/fritters - C - not bad, not too creamy on the interior like alot of places make them

        overall i would give bar b cutie a D...thanks for trying, but in allen i will stick with c&b or sugar babys.

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        1. re: chef51

          chef51, thanks very much for the input. I'll skip a visit to it. I've never tried Sugar Babys so I'll give them a whirl. I have been to C&B and honestly I was not impressed at all. The brisket was tough, the sauce was peculiar tasting to me, and the sides were mediocre.

          Dang, all of this BBQ talk has me wishing for a trip to Luling for some "ribs from heaven".

          1. re: mrbean

            We have been a regular of C&B and have found them to be the best stuff around allen. Granted there arent too many places to choose from. I would suggest giving them another try, their brisket is generally SO good. i can agree with the sauce though, there is something that is about it.

            1. re: chef51

              OK, I'll give it another try. It's really not fair to make a determination on just one visit, I'll admit.

        2. Does anyone other than me hear warning bells ringing and see red flags waving when the name "Bar-B-Cuties" comes up?

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          1. re: ddavis

            sounds a bit like an unfortunate hooters rip-off

            1. re: kindofabigdeal

              I really didn't get the impression from their website that there are any scantily clad ladies in the restaurant. Maybe just an unfortunate inadvertent play on words?

            2. re: ddavis

              Absolutely. I'm just looking at this thread for the first time, having put it off for weeks because of the name of the restaurant.

              There's a place here called Bobbie Q's Rib Shack. They failed after their first few months in a suburban location so moved down close to UH, apparently hoping college students would be less discriminating than suburbanites. Robb Walsh went and found they're from Ohio, they boil their ribs and slather sauce on 'em and call it barbecue.

              If you have to come up with a cutesy name for your bbq place to attract attention, your product is probably not worth mentioning, otherwise.

            3. Here is a video on BBQ tips from the owner of Bar-B-Cutie in Allen, Texas