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May 1, 2008 06:48 PM

Quirky/Family friendly in Lambertville

Looking for an adventurous place to have lunch in lambertville, NJ. I will be with a fellow foodie and my 2.5 yo. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I think the Stocovaz family had a restaurant in lambertville. Does anyone know if they still do?

    1. I would go to it's Nutts on Route 29, quirky, family friendly and really good comfort food...

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        I understand that Nutt's now has a new owner. Have you been there since it was sold? I've never been there, but always wondered about it while driving by. I just assumed it was a burger, dogs and ice cream place.

      2. The only place I know of that might qualify as quirky is Full Moon on Bridge Street. After all, how many restaurants do you know that serve dinner only once (sometimes twice) a month? On the night of the full moon, this place is open for dinner. At other times, it's open only for breakfast and lunch.

        1. zinful, a perfect place for lunch is a picnic @ howell farm, about 5 min south of lambertville. (they do have a small menu of items there also).