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May 1, 2008 06:08 PM

Tailgate Desserts with a Mothers Day twist

This Sunday afternoon I'll be going to the Phillies' game, enjoying a pre-game tailgate from about 11:00am-1:30pm. Though it's a week early this game is the Mothers' Day game, and several mothers will be joining us to celebrate. Does anyone have an idea for an interesting but easily portable dessert? While it would be great to veer away from the cookie/brownie route, anything that requires constant refrigeration or cooking on the spot is out. I had the idea of making individual "dirt" trifles and putting a flower shaped cookie in them, but I'm not 100% sure that everyone will feel like eating dessert before the game, and these will require refrigeration in order to make it to the end of the game if they aren't eaten ahead of time.

No major flavor preferences that I know of, other than that supposedly one of the mothers has a strong fondness for peanut M&Ms (which don't seem to incorporate into recipes very easily). Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

p.s. I've considered putting a Cinco De Mayo spin on things, but I'm not necessarily interested in anything overly "exotic" if only because I really don't have an idea what the moms do and don't like and think that fairly traditional flavor combinations are the way to go.

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  1. Well, for Mothers' Day, it's always nice to be a little bit fancy, therefore I'd go with a Pavlova for dessert and transport the merangue and fruit seperately, assemble when ready. When it comes to before or after, you can do the Pavlova shells as individual sizes, then just keep the fruit chilled until ready. Got a wide mouth thermos?

    Hey, can I come too?

    1. Not sure if this would fit the "not too exotic" bill, but baklava is always good, and travels well.