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Sep 14, 2002 01:10 PM

War Wonton Soup

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I'm sure some of the more sophisticated Asian food aficionados on this board will scoff, but sometimes (especially if I'm fighting off a cold), I like to get take-out war wonton soup (a la Ah Fong's) for dinner on my way home from work. Are there any restaurants (particularly in the downtown LA to Hancock Park area) that do a better than average job with this dish? (Alternatively, is there something better or more authentic that I should be ordering instead?)

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  1. i like the wor wonton soup at Full House on N. Broadway in Chinatown. Actually they do five or six types of wonton soup, but the wor wonton has the biggest variety of ingredients, including flower-cut squid. They're open late and if you call them, they can have the soup ready for you for take-out, like most restaurants, I guess.
    They have validated parking across the street in the mall with Empress Pavilion.

    1. agree... when i'm feeling out of sorts, i order some war wonton soup. i get mine delivered from Thai American Cafe (famous on this board for their hamburger) in Silverlake on Rowena Ave. the soup is somewhat bland but i like it. i order it with a side of white rice to bulk it up a bit. good luck.

      1. Oh boy, do I ever remember the wor wonton served at Ah Fong. In my humble opinion, it was the best served in the LA area at that time. Sliced chicken breast, cha siu, shrimp, bok choy, three kinds of mushrooms, snow peas, bamboo shoots, silky plump wontons with their long slippery skins trailing off into intensely flavored clear broth. I always dropped in a handful of their crisp noodle strips and some dribbles of hot mustard. I would order nothing but a giant bowl of wor wonton. They knew me so well at the Beverly Drive location that the same old waiter would rush over to my usual table, big grin on his face, and ask "Same ting?"

        I hope some Hounds come up with something just half as delicious as Benson Fong's version. I have done only a limited search, and none of the renditions I have tasted around Los Angeles come close.

        For something different, try hot and sour soup. If made properly, that'll clear up your sinuses. The best I've tasted is at Maison Wang in Westchester. The intense flavors include dark cloud ear, white strips of tofu, scallions, pork, chili oil, sesame oil, white pepper, and plenty of rice vinegar. It does the trick for me each time.

        1. As a result of a traffic accident, Mme Grubbe was abed yesterday in the express lane to depression. A quick stop at Kay-Kay for wor wonton soup chippered her up for, oh, hours. Simple, just right. While you are there, walk out with spicy ribs--Nirvana--& Kay-Kay chow mein as well. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE STEAM TABLE.

          Nondescript storefront on Western between Washington & Venice, in strip mall adjacent Mickey D's. Owned & operated by restaurant emigres from Hong Kong. If you are lucky, Dad will be doing the cooking.

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            Thanks, and I hope Mme Grubbe is feeling better.

          2. The type of won-ton soup you are seeking may be found (oddly enough) at The Manhattan Won Ton Company on Doheny in Beverly Hills (South of Wilshire, next to the Writer's Guild Theater) This place is the home away from home for those expatriates of NYC who seek a facsimile of the type of Chinese food they were brought up on. Paul Heller and Susan Seeger, the owners, do a pretty good job at it. The food is is right on the money for this style Chinese and the bar aint bad either .