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May 1, 2008 06:05 PM

Best bets on Crenshaw Blvd. near Pico

I am in the Crenshaw/Pico Blvd. area a lot (Gardening at the Crenshaw Community Garden) and am looking for good lunch spots. Nothing much further East or South. I saw the Soul Vegan Cafe and read good things, but other than that I am stumped. (And I don't want Roscoes and Bloom is too far West) Are there any good tacos on that stretch? Family diner joints? Sushi?

Any ideas?



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  1. How far is too much further. You've got some of LA's best Greek food at Papa Cristo's, PIco an Normandie and there is also Dino's Chicken at Pico and Berendo.

    1. You're only a mile or less away from a heavy concentration of Koreatown eating places, roughly around Wilshire and Wilton. All sorts of stuff to choose from.

      1. Not sure if too far west for you but Bloom Cafe is on Pico. Also I remember a place called CJ's Cafe on Pico that was somewhat decent and cheap for breakfast (assume lunch) near there as well..?
        EDIT- Oops just noted that you stated that Bloom is too far west!

        1. After 7p, there is a taco truck at the corner of Olympic and La Brea that has delicious al pastor tacos.

          1. This is not an area with much coverage on CH. Very close to the intersection is a decent Oaxacan restaurant called Zapotecas on Pico, a block west of Crenshaw, in an old converted KFC. They have good plate lunch/dinners covering a lot of Oaxacan standards. There's a pupuseria in the same strip mall called El Baron de Centro America. There's another Oaxacan place further east, just east of Arlington/Wilton called Expresión Oaxaqueñas which is more of a fast food/antojitos joint. On Pico around 6th Ave, there's a place called La Cevichería that does a decent Mexican version of its namesake, as well as grilled fish and fish tacos. Nothing spectacular, but a good option in the area. On Venice Blvd, around 5th Ave, there's a taqueria called No Q No that offer decent burritos.

            There are a number of Korean joints around there as well. I haven't been, but on Pico just East of Crenshaw are Han Mi Jung, and a place called Kim Chee House, and the original Ham Ji Park, the place that specializes in pork ribs. And around 3rd Ave, there's a place I've been curious about called Nam Won Gol, or it could be Mok Ma (one is a regular restaurant, and the other looks like a secluded pub-like place. It's in the same strip mall as the Louisiana fish fry place, which is also pretty decent for some fried seafood. If you go up to Olympic, there are several Korean places going east of Crenshaw: All Family, Kang Nam, O Jang Dong, Olympic Noodle, Baek Ha Chong, Cham Sut Gol, Chung Ki Wa. The first 4 are mostly noodle houses.

            For a diner type place, there's Olympic Cafe near 4th Ave, known mostly for breakfast. Capitol Burger on Pico might look sketchy, but it's a typical LA fast food burger place. I've also been curious about Greek Tommy's burgers right there on Bronson/Pico.

            For something a little different, if you go to Washington just east of Crenshaw, there's a Jamaican place called Naturaliart. But this might be just a bit further than you want to go.