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May 1, 2008 06:04 PM

Breakfast in Boca Raton area...

Anybody know a non-chain restaurant with a breakfast menu that isn't just every day fare? Anywhere between Boca Raton & Delray Beach....thanks!

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  1. In Boca there's Tom Sawyer's (1759 NW 2nd Ave) and the Boca Breakfast Club (in Royal Palm Plaza.)

    In Delray there's Christina's, 65 NE Second Avenue (one half block north of Atlantic Avenue in Pinapple Grove) and Cafe Luna Rosa, 34 S. Ocean Blvd (A1A)

    If you're interested in Sunday brunch try the Sundy House Restaurant, 106 S. Swinton Ave., 272-5678 but be sure to make a reservation. It's very popular.

    Tom Sawyer Restaurant & Pastry
    1759 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Boca Breakfast & Lunch Club
    171 SE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432

    Christina's Restaurant
    65 NE 2nd Ave # 610, Delray Beach, FL

    Caffe Luna Rosa
    34 South Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33483

    Sundy House
    106 S. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444

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      I believe Christina's closed a few months ago.

      I always wondered how they were going to survive in that incredibly hidden location, not even visible from any street, hidden behind Bru's on one side and the Palm Beach Photo Center on the other.

      1. re: RickL

        The Green Owl in Delray is worth a look. No view or special ambiance, but a solid breakfast.

        330 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach

      2. The Boca Breakfast Club at 171 SE Mizner is great; stuffed french toasts, waffles, tables outside. I love it there!

        1. I suggest Luna Rosa on A1A in Delray on the corner with Atlantic

          lots of deli breakfast places, such as Poppies on Military and Linton, Bagel Twins on the opposite corner, 3Gs on Atlantic near Jog

          1. A small place called Nostagia in Mizer park. The chef is a gourmet cook Try french toast or ask for roasted vege. Tell him Sandy sent you. I go there all the time. on Saturday, Check there hours.

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            1. re: dangelo211

              Nostagia closed. Went on Saturday and the place was out of business.

            2. I've found the bagel places in and around Boca the simplest and most reliable places for breakfast. Bagels With in Delray at Linton in the shopping center; Flakowitz on Federal Hwy in Boca and off Boynton Beach Blvd in Boyton Beach. Also in Boynton Beach on the blvd is Bagels And. All offer more than just a bagel. Next door to Luna Rosa across from the ocean is Boston's. For a breakfast it is good and better than Luna Rosa IMHO for breakfast. Sunday House is an all you can eat brunch/buffet sort of thing that just left me disappointed (twice)-popular but not my cup of tea at all, at all.