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May 1, 2008 03:54 PM


Please tell me all you know. How it is made. Do you drink it neat, on the rocks or do you mix it with something?

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  1. Are you referring to Asbach Uralt? It's a German brandy made from French grapes with only some two-to-four years of aging in oak prior to bottling. You can serve it straight, in a snifter after dinner, or drink it in cocktails.

    You may want to check out . . .

    Then again, if you serious enjoy brandies like Cognac and Armagnac, you may just want to check out something other than Asbach.

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      I am talking about Asbach Uralt...a friend has been raving about it... I found him a bottle (in LA) and was wondering what I was in for. Thanks for your help.

    2. Asbach Hot Toddy (good for cold nights):
      hot water
      sugar or honey (or add a shot of Barenjager (honey liqueur))

      Asbach Sidecar(made similar to a margarita, but with brandy instead of tequila):
      In pint with ice
      Asbach (double shot)
      orange liqueur (half shot)
      lime juce splash
      sweet & sour (fill rest of pint)
      Shake, strain into "martini" glass rimmed with sugar.