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May 1, 2008 03:48 PM

Brasserie Cognac @ 55th and Broadway

Someone told me the bakery had good croissants and coffee. I didn't try those today but I did buy a Croque Monsieur to go. (They don't warm them for you so I did it myself in the microwave in my office.) I thought it was tasty and well-priced at $6. It may not be the most authentic Croque Monsieur but at least it was a refreshing change from the usual lunch fare, especially in what I consider to be a neighborhood lacking in great food options. The bakery didn't have a huge variety of selections but I still plan to return to try other stuff.

How anyone tried the restaurant? It looked nice when I walked by.

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    1. I haven't eaten there (has anyone, curious to hear?) but the croissants, bagueete and orange brioche are fantastic.

      1. We had dinner at Brasserie Cognac in June. While we love to dine al fresco during the warm weather months, I detest sidewalk seating (which is what they have), so we ate inside.

        The two starters we chose and shared were fine but nothing special. (For special charcuterie, nothing comes close to Bar Boulud.) Desserts were excellent, especially the seriously delicious profiteroles.

        With regard to our mains, my husband was pleased with his whole grilled loup de mer. However, there was good news and bad news about my hanger steak. The good news: it was cooked exactly to my my medium-rare specifications; the bad news: the meat was just barely tepid. Sending steaks (and chops) back to be reheated is not a good idea as they usually end up overcooked. But the manager insisted they would make sure that wouldn't happen. Silly me! Of course, it came back well-done! Too bad because based on the small taste I tried when it was first set down in front of me, it would have been excellent at the correct temperature.

        As were were leaving, I told the manager that the steak had turned out overdone. He apologized and gave us his card, saying he would "take care of us" the next time we were there. So far, there has not been a next time though we might give it another try at some point in the future if we were in that area.

        Photos of our dinner can be seen here:

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          Too bad the food wasn't better. From your beautiful photos I would have definitely wanted to try it.

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            Thanks for the compliment, ellenost. :) We had been to a Sunday matinée at the Roundabout's Studio 54 (we're subscribers). We had wanted to go to Benoit, which we'd been to before and liked. We didn't call in advance, figuring we'd just walk in, but it turned out to be closed. So, we ended up at Cognac by default. We wouldn't make a special trip to go again. But if we were in the area and were in the mood for bistro French (well, o,k, when are Mr. R. & I not in the mood for French?! lol), we'd be willing to give it another chance.

        2. i had a late lunch at cognac one friday about two months ago and found it to be completely unremarkable.

          on the plus side the place is very clean and well maintained and nothing that we ate was especially bad. the service was at about 50%. what i mean is that the from our server to the host to the bartender everyone was very friendly and accomodating but none of them seemed like they had any familiarity with the menu or even french food- no joke the server actually said "steak frights".

          during the meal there were several small things, not necessailry deal breakers, but small annoyances that kept happening:
          -one of the people i was with ordered two appetizers for his meal. he made it very clear to the server that he was ordering them as his entree but they both came out together as part oft he 1st course.
          -my steak was cut into small pieces when it got to me. visually it was very pretty but i'm a grown man who can cut his own steak and all this presentation did was allow all the juices to leak out
          -drink orders came out wrong
          -we asked for more bread which did not come until after we paid the bill (!?!?!?!?!)
          -etc etc

          over all the food was fine, nothing mind-blowing, but the spotty service with mediocrity of the food left us with zero desire to return

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            You don't indicate which steak you ordered, but if it was the hanger steak, I've had it in many restaurants, it is always sliced (thickly) before being brought to the table.