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May 1, 2008 03:37 PM

Cuban food..not sandwich

When I was a much younger gal, my Cuban boyfriend and I used to splurge occasionally on a killer Cuban restaurant in Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington DC. Anybody remember the Omega? I'm on a visit from Seattle, where there is no Cuban food, to old stomping grounds in NYC...I'll travel anywhere in Manhattan for good Cuban food (not Cuban sandwich) and atmosphere is unimportant. Chowhounds please help!

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  1. There is a popular Cuban lunch chain around Manhattan called Sophie's. It's certainly not a splurge, though, and there is no atmosphere. I like them but I wouldn't be shocked to hear that a) they're not the most authentic and b) there are better places in Cuban neighborhoods around the city.

    1. Cafecito 11th and Ave C. Excellent, well priced Cuban food, nice cocktails.

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        i do not like cafecito's food at all. there is no great cuban restaurant in manhattan, but maybe i could recommend where to have certain dishes if you tell me which dishes would you like to have.

      2. Would you go outside Manhattan?
        (the daily specials are the thing to get here)

        1. Sophie's is popular, but Margon is the better luncheonette. On the higher-end, there are places like Cuba or Havana Alma de Cuba that do a brisk business. While my preference is for the generous mountains of moros y cristianos and crisp lechon and unintelligible Caribbean Spanish at the luncheonettes, the mojitos, the band, the free cigars and the atmosphere at Cuba are pretty inviting.