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May 1, 2008 03:13 PM

Ct. area

anyone been to Bricco or Hot Tomato?

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  1. Hot Tomato, Hartford or New Haven? I have been to both, they are nothing special food wise. New Haven is a very cool space, and has good drinks.

    1. I always enjoy Bricco and find it to be one of the better dining options around....the only problem being that they only take reservations for parties of six or more. The wait on Friday or Sat. nights can be about 1 1/2 hours. That asid ei love the food and atmosphere of this establishment.

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        I've been to both, however Bricco only once. Enjoyed them both, although I didn't find Bricco equal to all of the praise it seems to get. The food was very good, service was good and the atmosphere was good as well, nothing more. Maybe my expectations were too high. Hot Tomatoes (Hartford) is good too, relaxed atmosphere, food is good to very good. If you go to H.T., ask for a table in the "wine room" in the back of the restaurant. IMO more ambience than the main dining areas. I live about 40 minutes from both restaurants, and neither is a place that I would travel to unless I happened to be in the area.

        1. re: askeenan

          I highly recommend Bricco. In 8 years, I have never had a bad or even mediocre meal there. While they do not take reservations for parties under 6, the wait is never too long, especially if you can grab a seat and wait at the bar. I frequent Bricco for special occasions, and am never disappointed.
          As for Hot Tomatoes, it is good, but not "wow," I prefer it in the summer months when the patio is open.

        2. Hot Tomato in NH quite a few times. Bricco not yet.
          I'm sure you are not interested in HT in NH, but I'll say this anyway. I love the ambiance of Hot Tomato in New Haven. The old, fancy building with the outrageously high ceilings, open spaces and Rococo architecture. As some have said (and I agree with) HT can be unpredictable for both food and service and it's not terribly special or unusual. I consider it a good choice for lunch. It's also usually pretty quiet.