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Soft Shell Crabs

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anyone have any recommendations for soft shell crabs in brooklyn, queens? Anyone have them yet this season at Sripraphai? any other spots in brooklyn?
i posted this on the manhattan boards but I am willing to travel anywhere for them!

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  1. If there out yet go to Penn Station TRACKS BAR on the LIRR level they make them a couple of ways

    1. I believe Srip has them all year round, now that farming has made them less seasonal (not that that is a good thing). They certainly had them a month ago when we last ate there.

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        I had them last weekend - wonderful - the one I had had fried basil, if I recall correctly. They weren't on the menu, but I asked if there were any specials with it and there were several.

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          Last night I was at Srip with the family and had the soft shell crab with chili, garlic and fried basil from the specials list and it was awesome. I noticed another special with pineapple,pumpkin and something else. Also keep in mind that they are not sauteed but deep fried for crispy deliciousness.

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            The pineapple + pumpkin in green curry softshell special at Srip is excellent also.

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          I'm pretty sure that blue crabs are not currently farm raised. If you're getting
          them out of season they are frozen.

        3. I had the soft shell crab dinner special at Cafe on Clinton for $28 (4 small crabs). Very tasty

          1. I get the Srip softshell with mango salad off their regular menu, always excellent.

            1. Oceano on Ditmars & 35th actually had a wonderful soft shell appetizer that would be worth trying out. Very light, fresh & nicely seasoned. Can't remember sauce exactly, but do remember garlic!

              1. The softshells at Henry's End have always been topnotch.

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                    Bringing this back up, as its been two weeks...there's gotta be some crabs around now in menu specials. I understand that many Thai/Asian places now serve them all year but I'm looking for seasonal--fried or sauteed--who has them on the menu?

                    Of course, there's always Randazzo's...or Rocco's Calamari...I'm sure they will have them...and we may end up at one or the other, but looking for other options as well.

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                      I second Randazzo's, get the soft shell on a bun, some lemon, all you need.

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                        I was thinking Petite Crevette would have them, but I just called and they don't have them this weekend. Sigh. But Rocco's has 'em...so I think that's where we'll head tonight!

                  2. Quercy on Court St. had a sign out advertising them yesterday. I didn't look to see how they were being prepared.

                    I do mine at home most of the time - more bang for the buck. The asian places just use frozen ones, even farming can't force crabs to molt when it's not their time.

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                      I went ot carasella on crossbay blvd tonight and they had them on the meneu either as an appertizer (2) pieces or as an entree (3) pieces either fried or franchased they gave me 3 large crabs and they were excelent

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                        Petit Marche on Henry had them on their specials list over the weekend.