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May 1, 2008 02:43 PM

weekday lunch in tribeca?

i recently started a new job in tribeca, and during lunch i feel like i'm stuck in no man's land. takeout options seem few and far between, especially if i want to spend $10 or less (probably won't be doing many lunches at devin tavern or odeon).

so far i've been to columbine, pecan, and the korean joint on w. broadway. any other spots in that area that i should be aware of?

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  1. It is tough down here but there are a lot of lunch specials.

    Sophie's: very popular cuban place. Pretty inexpensive.
    A new discovery and very delicious: Capri Cafe. It is beginning to get some attention. Great little palce.
    Pakistani Tea House: It is alright not amazing but solid.
    Salaam Bombay: I think they do a buffet and although a little over your price range. It is not too bad.
    Max: The very popular east village italian restraurant (with really good lasagna) has opened in Tribeca.
    Also, I enjoy Nam, although it appears fancy, they have lunch specials and it is not that bad (price wise).

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    1. There's Zoie's Cafe on Beach (east of Greenwich).

      It kind of seems like she (Zoie, I suppose) opened a restaurant in her apartment's kitchen. But the menu is enormous and most of the stuff is pretty reliable (and almost all under $10). She's got a bunch of specials everyday.

      I also liked my sandwich at Peace and Love cafe -- slightly expensive for what you get the sammy was good.

      I'll keep reporting back. I moved offices recently and am just finding my way (even though my old office was only two blocks north, I feel like I'm working in a new neighborhood).

      1. Walker's is the BEST, on north moore and varick - great burgers, huge salads - an NY classic. (It's like Fanelli's in soho but I think way better food) and GREAT prices.
        Mooncake on watts, just a few blocks north of tribeca proper, is a staple for all of my co-workers!
        Westside Coffee shop - spanish restaurant, rice and beans, etc....
        Province on church and walker...get the buns. Salad and noodle were overpriced.

        1. bouley bakery used to have sandwiches under 10 (the skate sandwich used to be very good but it's been a year since i've had one)

          bon bon chicken

          pushing downtown - naturally delicious (spinach burger is fantastic; my friend claims they have the best tuna melt)


          wichcraft (hard to keep under $10).

          1. these look like some solid options. i'm looking forward to trying Bon Bon Chicken one day. for those who haven't been, the Square Diner on Varick is a really good greasy spoon joint. get's kind of packed during lunch, and the prices are a little high, but it's great diner food.