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May 1, 2008 01:54 PM

Konditor gone?

Anyone know if Konditor has closed down? It's had a "closed for the holidays" sign up for ages.

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  1. I don't know about the present owners, but the site's previous owners (when it was a French, and not Viennese, bakeshop) also used to close for prolonged holiday periods. I just checked and their website's still up:

    1. I just called to order a black forest cake and they have closed for good.

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      1. re: hotpeppers

        That really bites. They cakes were outstanding! Coffee, not so good and a little on the pricey side, but it was always busy. I guess Zane is going to be packed now.

        1. re: currycue

          Their coffee was atrocious! But the cakes really were lovely, and really showcased her classic Viennese training. I felt the pricing (indeed high!) was well justified given the quality of her ingredients and the skill needed to execute what were really quite complicated confections.

          1. re: urbnmns

            I jumped on Konditor when it first opened, but I won't miss them at all in the end.

            The stuff was beautiful and the ingredients first class, but I was amazed at how many of those gorgeous pastries didn't taste much, or taste good.

            A Viennese friend went into near rapture when she saw Salzburger Nockerln on the menu. This is something "delicate", but Burgi's version apparently had no taste to speak of. And the coffee WAS atrocious.

            1. re: embee

              That's too bad - it's funny how often pastries have an inverse relationship between looks and taste. I get into my habits so didn't try everything, but I'm a sucker for sachertorte and a fan of technique (being far too lazy and rule-averse to measure, temp-test and time anything down to seconds on my own!!). But you're right - not meeting the taste expectation of the eyes (and wallet) is a real disappointment. I find also that many "European" pastries lack the sweetness that North Americans generally prefer, so looks like her aesthetic didn't fit the market. Anyway, given the prices, it was realistically a much more feasible place to enjoy a slice of cake and a coffee, and given the coffee was also so terrible, maybe the closing isn't such a surprise.

              1. re: urbnmns

                My issues with sweetness are the opposite. I don't like extreme sweetness in anything, including desserts.

                Many of the cakes I tried at Konditor tasted so muted that they barely tasted of anything at all. Weird, actually. Still, much better than Sweet Tooth on Danforth, where the beautiful, expensive cakes taste gross.

                Survivor Zane, a few doors down, never seemed as busy as Konditor, so you never know what's really going on. OTOH, there might be some kind of illness or other family matter.

                I've found Zane's pastries better than Konditor's were overall. However, some of Zane's pastries have a terrible propensity to literally fall apart.

                1. re: embee

                  You never really do know why some places stay open & some close. Now I wish I'd been a bit more of a sampler at Konditor - because it would be good to know exactly what you mean by the extremely muted flavours. Too bad.

                  1. re: urbnmns

                    I hope you got to try Cake Master on Cumberland. They were the very best. They had a run of 50 years or so, but closed last year. The recipes were seemingly consigned to oblivion.

                    Another great was the Vienna Home Bakery, a dump at Queen and Bathurst. They closed a couple of years ago with a cookbook promised. No sign of it so far.

                    And I'll try not to get started on Ebinger's, a CHAIN bakery in Brooklyn that expired almost forty years ago. They made millions of goodies, by hand, each year for decades. Somehow, the entire repertoire vanished. I can't imagine where so many recipes could have gone. Most people from my background still salivate thinking about that place.

                    1. re: embee

                      Tragic. I missed out on Cake Master AND on Ebingers. Not to mention all those "don't tell *anyone*" recipes handed down from granny, now sadly extinct...

              2. re: embee

                I agree with the "tasteless" comment. For the price, I would have preferred to have been wowed, but Konditor's offerings were somewhat pedestrian. (For the record: I've bought both small cakes and an entire Linzertorte.)

                I have no doubt about the good ingredients, and the baker's excellent provenance, but with so much good baking happening (here and around the world) ... well maybe I'm just jaded, but this old-world stuff just doesn't seem to cut it like it used to.

                Try Zane's a few doors west.

        2. Truly nice stuff but was a bank loan really necessary to buy a Linzer torte? Good but not sufficiently stellar to warrant their prices. Frankly, I drove from Miss. twice for special occasion goodies from them and felt that lingering unease both times that I'd gone beyond splurge into sucker territory.

          1. Ya, what the...I really like KONDITOR. The ad-hoc VACATION sign is up, their voice mail is full...this is not looking good. The place was always busy, if they closed it can't be for lack of customers.