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May 1, 2008 01:42 PM

Best Chocolatier in the world that mailorders

I live in manhattan and need to buy a gift (really a gift to accompany a larger gift) for someone and wanted to get really great chocolates, macarons or madelaines by mailorder from someplace in France or any other suggested countries. I know there are plenty of places in Manhattan, but the person I am buying for is a bit of a francophile and I wanted something more authentic. Maybe Montreal might be a better bet for shipping?


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  1. Pierre Marcolini is great: I wasn't finding mailorder on the website, but they have an outpost in Manhattan.

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      The only way I've ever been able to get PM stuff (which I agree is excellent) is to call the boutique in NY and order over the phone.

    2. There are many excellent French chocolatiers that will ship their products. Keep in mind, however, that most of these things are made with fresh cream and other perishables, so they can't spend too long in shipping and need to be kept cool or they will spoil. My favorite of the French chocolatiers is Puy Ricard ( ), but Maison du Chocolate ( ) is probably the biggest and best known.

      European chocolatiers in the US include Leonidas (Belgium, not France) which is very good (, and Teuscher (Swiss): . The champagne truffles at Teuscher are extraordinary, and they have very pretty gift boxes.

      Finally, there are chocolatiers in the U.S. that are (at least in my opinion) every bit as good as their European counterparts. Two of my favorites are LA Burdick ( ) and Max Brenner ( ), which, oddly enough, has a couple of shops in NY.

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        La Maison du Chocolat French chocolatier has stores in both NY,and also in France. They are the "end-all-and-be-all" of upscale Chocolatier's!
        La Maison ships the chocolates from France several times a week -and they are handmade with zero "junk" added (no fillers and portions of WAX) .

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          Max Brenner is not even in the same category of those you mention and those mentioned in this thread. I am surprised you've included it. 3rd rate chocolate.

        2. If you aren't completely wedded to the idea of French chocolate, check out Fran's They do dark and milk chocolate-dipped caramels sprinkled with sea salt that are spectacular--she was one of the first to market this combo. The NYTimes has written about them:

          I can also personally attest to most of their other products, too--love the Gold Bars, Coconut Gold, and double-chocolate figs (stuffed with ganache and then dunked in dark chocolate).

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            The double choc dipped figs by Frans Choc are almost too good! Lovely company.

          2. You can order on line at and then click on-line shopping after you enter the site.

            1. Are your friends really into chocolate? If so, my favorite is Michel Cluizel Their "bon-bons" are FANTASTIC... there's a hazelnut chocolate filled one that's just to die for. I think you can order from new york.