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May 1, 2008 01:31 PM

Bad Daughter needs Mother's Day rec, OC


So, I know it's just a couple weekends away, but I need to make an early dinner reservation somewhere on Mother's Day. I figure that by avoiding brunch, I might have some luck getting a reservation somewhere.

What would make my mom happy? Other than a grandkid, she likes fancy places that aren't too pretentious. She'd be thrilled with Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, but the place is booked. That's the other thing -- beachy locales are a huge bonus.


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  1. My mom loves dining by the water too. Favorite past choices have been Cafe del Rey in the Marina (food is upscale Asian fusion, and pricey, but they usually have a nice prix fixe menu for Mother's Day), or tea or brunch at the Ritz Carlton in the Marina.

    I would avoid Shanghai Red's.

    I think Shutter's is also quite nice though it's been a long time since I've been there and can't speak to food quality.

    1. Just a little more south, Sapphire's...

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        Being a Really Bad Daughter means I forgot to check on this post until now. Sigh. It's my own damn fault. Picnic at Salt Creek it is!

      2. How about Salt Creek Grille?
        A Restaurant (just open) at the old Arches location (PCH/Newport) has a yummy looking brunch menu...

        How about the Cannery? Bluewater Grill?

        Bayside? Mamma Gina's? The Hyatt at HB has a great brunch-- it's usually not too crowded.

        1. Oh boy, I am a bad daughter now too. My mom's arriving this Sunday afternoon on a last minute business trip and I haven't booked anything. Is there anywhere in OC that will have free tables for dinner? She really likes Darya in Costa Mesa, Gabbi's in Orange, and Mas Islamic Chinese in Anaheim, and she also loves good Indian food. Any restaurants close to Orange/Anaheim are a bonus but will travel.