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Sep 13, 2002 01:56 PM

Pasadena near Norton-Simon?

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Looking for a good place to have a mid-day meal before exploring the Norton-Simon musem in Pasadena. Any Asian or Mediterranean cuisine ideas are a plus, but really just want a good meal... thanks

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  1. Yujean Kang is very good & nearby. Have fun!

    1. How about Kuala Lumpur, 69 W. Green St.? Malaysian. If you like curry, here you are.

      1. There are a bunch of places two blocks east in Old Town, on Colorado or on the cross streets Delacey, Fairoaks, and Raymond; also on Union which parallels Colorado and is one block north of Colorado. It all runs the gamut from fast food to high end and various cuisines, take a walk around and I am sure you will find something interesting.

        1. Clearwater Seafood, about two blocks away from the N.S.
          Has a nice outdoor patio where you can eat. Oyster bar, and very fresh fish.

          1. Not a hundred percent sure it's open for lunch, but if you want to avoid the crowds of Old Town head the other direction on Colorado Blvd. about a mile to Stony Point, a longtime traditional-fare restaurant at the western edge of Pasadena. Steak, caesar salad, etc. all prepared with care.

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              I could be wrong, but I heard that Stony Point closed some time ago. I agree it would be a good choice if it's there. If you're going to travel a little, I think Bistro 45 (45 South Mentor, 1 block easst of Lake, 1 block south of Colorado) is among the best of the current lot of Pasadena restaurants.

              1. re: Griller141

                I ate at Stony Point within the past few months, so if it's gone it must be fairly recent -- and sad, because it had been around forever. I agree that Bistro 45 is top notch -- and in a beautiful deco building -- but a bit pricey, for sure.