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Sep 13, 2002 12:34 PM

A Grubby Wedding

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Son of a Grub is getting married next month in Culver City. Grubs Superior are responsible for the rehearsal dinner for 12 mostly 30-ish people on a Thursday nite. Any suggestions?

Parameters are:
Geographic – Pacific Ocean to La Cienega, Olympic Blvd to 105 Freeway
Cuisine – “American,” Italian is about as ethnic as this group will get. We will be ordering from the menu.
Ambiance – Not “stuffy,” prefer a private room or possibly an outside area
Cost – no limit. The possibility of a grandgirl Grub is worth whatever.

Help, please. TIA.

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  1. Patio of the Buffalo Club on Olympic Blvd. in Santa Monica. Great All American upscale meat and potatoes chow with excellent food, strong drinks and a stealth location.

    1. Maybe 26 Beach, not super upscale, but really good food. Pastas, Chicken Chipotle, Creole Shrimp; Salads, Ginger Salmon Salad, Brown Rice Salad, Garlic Shrimp Caeser and the are known for their BURGERS, they even have NY Steaks and Baby Backs, all in a great relaxed Patio. Good wine choices.

      1. It may sound like a reach, opting for a hotel restaurant, but your description immediately turned me toward Jer-ne, a mod-upscale American restaurant & bar inside the Marina del Rey Ritz-Carlton. I looked into it for a recent group dinner, but for a logistical reason not the fault of the venue, I went elsewhere. I've enclosed the link below for menu & private room info, and I hope it meets your needs. With a beachside setting and striking architecture, accompanied by modern yet accessible menus, it sounds like a potential winner for you.


        1. We had our rehearsal dinner at C&O and it was perfect (sound a little too down-scale for you) The patio is where they do large parties. It's casual and relaxed and their catering department has many different options. We had cesar salad, two pasta dishes, roasted chicken, dessert, soft drinks and wine and it came out to about $23 a person.

          Another place we considered was Il Moro (Purdue near Olympic), they have a private room. Less casual than C&O for sure.

          1. I believe Il Moro has a nice private room. Good menu and they are "freeway close".