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May 1, 2008 12:38 PM

Eastside Envy

It seems that most of the discussions focus on the downtown Seattle scene. Lynn's bistro, Rikki Rikki and Bis on main can all hold their own. Any other votes for good eastside joints?

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  1. Daniel's has great beef. The new Brix in Kirkland is also quite good.

    1. I like Rikki Rikki and Bis on Main. I think you named the only restaurants I remember from the Eastside.

      1. It's been mentioned a few times before, but Spice Route in Bellevue is better than any Indian restaurant I've been to in Seattle. They have unusual menu items and everything I've tried has been tasty.

        Szechwan Chef and Bamboo Garden are great as well.

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        1. re: creepygirl

          Where's Bamboo Garden? You named the other 2 restaurants that get me to the Eastside.

          1. re: landguy

            Off 2nd in downtown Bellevue. It has its own thread here-definitely check it out.

            1. re: landguy

              The address is 202 106th PL NE, 98004 Bellevue. Website is

            2. re: creepygirl

              Do you order off the menu at Spice Route? The lunch buffet is mediocre at best.

              1. re: fooey

                I agree with fooey; I was not at all impressed with their lunch buffet. I even developed a mild case of heartburn - something that has never before happened to me at an Indian restaurant.

                1. re: fooey

                  Yes, I order off the menu, mostly the more unusual items. Can't remember all the stuff I've enjoyed, but I know I've liked the chettinad, some kind of vegetable dumplings, and the tamarind eggplant dish.

                2. re: creepygirl

                  I think Udupi, Kanishka, and Mayuri are even better than Spice Route.

                  1. re: HungWeiLo

                    I hate to judge an Indian restaurant by the lunch buffet, just because that typically compiles the most popular Anglo-friendly items at the expense of the specialites--at spice route the dinner clientele is all Indian. And of course, any steam-tray buffet runs the risk of being not-as-fresh as a la carte items.

                    It's tough to compare Udupi to Spice Route. Udupi is a south indian vegetarian specialist, that also serves a gujarati-style vegetarian buffet. I think their dosai are competent to good, but not much in comparison to the dosai specialists in the NYC area. Haven't yet been to Kanishka or Mayuri.

                    Spice Route offers an impressive variety of regional items. They do dosai and other starches/breads quite well, and they also make n. inidan mugali style stuff better than almost anywhere i've been in the region. What's really great there are the other regional south indian items, especially the Tamil nadu stuff, that you can't get anywhere else. Try the chettinad dishes and other items that are relatively unfamiliar.

                    1. re: equinoise

                      What attracted us to Spice Route was their Indo-Chinese specialties. After the Hakka people migrated to India, they created a whole new cuisine. We loved the Cauliflower Manchurian there. BTW, Inchin's Bamboo Garden in Redmond is another Indo-Chinese restaurant. We prefer SR.

                      1. re: kirkj

                        I must say that the indo-chinese at Spice Route was the only part I didn't like : the "chili chicken" and the gobi manchurian were both taking more to the corn-starchy chinese american side than the spice-laden Indian side. Again, this is again comparing against my favorite indo-chinese back east.

                      2. re: equinoise

                        I went to Mayuri (the buffet place by Trader Joe's, not the grocery/chaat) and found it decent, not great for what it was. I appreciated the inclusion of some kind of mushroom pakora and a couple decent veg curry type dishes, and the chutneys and hot sauces were defintely good. But the rest of the stuff was pretty standard quality versions of standard buffet items (butter chicken, tandoor chicken, naan, rice pudding, etc.) Not a bad value, it more just confirms that I am not an indian buffet fan.

                        1. re: equinoise


                          I agree, I have been to Mayuri for buffet in the bast and thought it was good but nothing special. However I just went there for dinner the other night and was very impressed. They offer almost any dish in a Thali form - so it comes with many other little dishes - and it is reasonably priced and comes with a variety of great, fresh, tasting foods. I would definitely suggest giving them a shot for dinner. I generally like the quality of food at dinner better than buffet at most places but I found the difference to be striking here.

                  2. I like Kanishka for Indian and Tropea for Italian, both in Redmond.

                    1. Porcella Urban Market for lunch