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May 1, 2008 12:30 PM

Cattle Baron NE?

Has anyone been to this place? I've driven by the place many a time and I think its been around for quite some time. The prices on their website look quite reasonable. Anyone have any thoughts. I am considering dinner there tonight with a small group of friends (5-6) as it is one of the groups birthday. Would you suggest reservations?

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  1. Decor is like a Western-themed old style Earl's (not new fancy Earl' Food is average, prices are good. For 5 or 6, I would suggest a reservation...i've never been when it wasnt busy.

    1. Husband has been , said it was pretty good.

      1. We haven't been to the one in the north, only the one in the south. I've heard that the north Cattle Baron takes reservations, and the south does not. Can't imagine what the thinking is on this, but I know the last time we were at the south location, there were people jamming the entire foyer as the lounge was already full and we decided we weren't going to wait who knows how long. If the north does take reservations, I would definitely recommend making one.