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May 1, 2008 11:36 AM

Canter's or Langer's For Pastrami

Visiting over memorial day, and looking to take my girlfriend out for some pastrami. Pastrami quality is the most important, but as i am generally more of a pescatarian/flexatarian id love to hear about the (none too often discussed) non-meaty options. Is there anything worht getting other than a pastrami sandwich, or should i bit the (meaty) bullet on this one?

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  1. Um, Langer's, no question, for the best pastrami.

    Not very good veggie options at either.

    Might be OK cooked fish at Canters. The smooked and preserved fish wil be good at Canters. Never had it at Langers.

    When one wants pastrami, one goes to Langers. For other deli stuff, I go to Brent's.

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    1. re: Diana

      "When one wants pastrami, one goes to Langers." Well, maybe if Langers is open for lunch. If one wants Langers one better call ahead to be sure they are open on the day and time one is in town. Canter's is 24/7 just like the City.

      1. re: JeetJet

        Or one can look on their website:

        to the OP, get the pastrami, but be warned, you may have to become a pastramitarian.

        1. re: ozzygee

          Hey OZ, thanks. I did not know Langer's had a page -- Closed by 4:00 pm and closed all day Sunday. That is a shame. Today is a no go whatsoever unlees you wish to also be a part of the march in the park accross the street. What, 30 to 100 thousand strong? Maybe Langer's will have a sell out.

          The OP would like some non-meant options. Canters does have some salads and soup including clear broth with those great matzo balls.

          1. re: JeetJet

            I've been to Langer's with a vegetarian before. They split a white fish, lox & cream cheese platter with another person that looked pretty good. Did it tempt me away from my #19? No. But it looked good nonetheless.

            1. re: ozzygee

              "Did it tempt me away from my #19? No." LOL! Combine that with the OP who is, "generally more of a pescatarian.." and the temptation could prove to be too much for the "generally" part of the description.

            2. re: JeetJet

              Take the Red Line to the metro. Stop right nearby.

              I found Canter's Matzo really gross.

      2. Is this a trick question? (Go to Langer's and get a pastrami sandwich, number 1 or 19, on rye, with new pickles, and some crinkly fries.)

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        1. Langer's and Canter's, like most Jewish Delis, both have a number of non-meat options--the lox at both is perfectly fine (albeit not the best in town), for example, and there will be a few middling salads to choose from. However, if pastrami is the main point, it is no contest: Langer's.

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          1. re: New Trial

            While i may be a northern california-raised jew, i was certainly aware that both places would offer non-meat (fish) options. if you'll reread my post - which i will admit is somewhat vague about my decidedly ambiguous eating habits/preferences - i wasnt really inquiring about the availability, but the viability of non-pastrami options.

            i can see this playing out like ozzygee's scenario - unless someone can chime in and definitively tell me that i will be ok with a bite of pastrami and some whitefish (which, i supoose, would require getting further inside my head than i would normally recommend)

            thanks all for the responses.

          2. Glad you're not trying to go to Langer's today. It's probably a mess around there.

            1. I happen to really like the matzoh ball soup. The chicken broth here is much more chicken-y than most other places...I guess it's reduced more. There's a non-meat option for you. I've never tried their fish options.

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              1. re: Jack Flash

                Jack, which place are you talking about, Langer's or Canter's?

                1. re: Servorg

                  Langer's. Sorry 'bout that. I guess since it was universally accepted that Langer's would be the choice for pastrami, I forgot that the OP actually inquired about both places. But yeah, I like the chicken soup at Langer's. It tastes more homemade to me.