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May 1, 2008 11:28 AM

Soft Shell Crabs

What restaurant (preferably below 14th street) has the best soft shell crab right now? I have been to NY Noodletown and want some other good suggestions....Anyone had them at Little Giant? Does Momofuko have them in season now?

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  1. Momofuku Ssam Bar has them, at least they did last week, but not when I dropped in this weekend.

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    1. re: kathryn

      does anyone know if mary's fish camp or pearl oyster bar has them? and if they are any good? how about tabla?

      1. re: rosep

        Tabla does have them -- semolina crusted and fried -- but I haven't actually tried the dish, sorry.

    2. im thinking aquagrill

      what were your thoughts on Noodletown? i thought they were to salty

      im a big fan of sauteed sscrabs versus fried

      curious where i can find those!

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      1. re: namreb

        they are a bit salty at ny noodletown---but i think that's part of the method...i like them there but i want to find some really fresh sauteed soft shells to try out...i am suspicious of the freshness at noodletown sometimes.

        spotted pig does not have them tonight, by the way...but i have heard EU serves them...anyone had those?

      2. I am also jonesing for them. I am looking for someplace casual or better still takeout in or around E or W Village? Any Chinese or Vietnamese in this area make them?

        1. We had them as an appetizer at Perilla 2 weeks ago. They were superb.

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          1. re: rrems

            how were they done at perilla? and is perilla good in general? what else did you have?

            1. re: rosep

              I second the Perilla rec. The softshell crab dish is superb.I think they're coated in flaxseed, deep fried, and served with an awesome combination of a passion fruit vinaigrette and ramp 'kimchi'. I've had them twice so far....

              1. re: rosep

                I had one sitting at the bar of Mermaid downtown. Nicely done.

                1. re: rosep

                  streamwise gave a very good description. Other dishes we have particularly liked are duck meatballs, pork belly, kingfish, and duck. And the red velvet cake, yummy. I think every dish I have had there has been excellent.

              2. Not sure if they have them right now, but Gotham has offered some delicious soft shell crab entrées. I remember it being served with couscous and possibly fruit (?), which somehow made the dish less heavy. Call ahead to check.