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May 1, 2008 11:24 AM

Where do the locals eat pre-theater?

Can you recomment some good restaurants to eat at pre-theater. Please no french, greek or asian.

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  1. I like Eatery, on 53rd & 9th Ave.

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    1. You will see Trattoria Trecolori recommended frequently on this board for Italian. Marseilles also, although that is French/Moroccan. Becco for another Italian choice (although some people hate it). John's Pizza. Carmines. There are a ton of non-awful choices on 8th and 9th Ave, but very few outstanding ones. As a local myself, however, I (more often than not) avoid eating in the theatre district - I dine elsewhere and cab it to the theatre, or I eat at home.

      1. I'm not seeing my suggestion showing up, but I meant to say that I go to Eatery often, on 53rd & 9th. It's my Midtown West standby... not just for pre-theater, but for anytime, really!

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          I see your earlier post. Maybe you just need to hit refresh?

          I love the little bar at Eatery, but I can't recommend it for its titular purpose. It's more about the scene than the food; I think that the other recommendations are more about the latter.

        2. I would also guess that few locals eat pre-theater. 6:30 pm is extremely early for dinner in New York. 9 - 10 pm is prime-time at most restaurants.

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            How true. We NEVER have dinner pre-theater, always after.

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              If you're going to an 8:00 o'clock show, it makes sense to us to eat something beforehand rather than go from lunch to 10:30 or 11:00 pm without dining, although we favor a relatively light meal (don't want to nod off during the second act!).

              Within the OP's constraints, we like Trecolori (47th) and Vice Versa (51st) for Italian, Marseille (French - but Mediterranean/Moroccan/Bistro, not classic rich-sauced French), West Bank Cafe (contemporary American, 42nd & 9th), and Hell's Kitchen ("new" Mexican, 47th & 9th) - and advise that reservations are a necessity.

            2. I go to the theater regularly with friends who have a long commute to work so eating after the performance is not an option for them. We often end up at Zuni:


              It isn't anything special, but the menu is varied, the food is well prepared, there are plenty of "light" options if you're not up for a heavy meal, the dinner crowd nearly always seems to be locals rather than tourists, and the prices are moderate if not modest.