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May 1, 2008 11:10 AM

2 Nights in Boston

We have two nights in Boston. We will be in Downtown area. What are restaurants that are not to be missed? We have children but they are use to eating in nice places.

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  1. It helps if you give a price range, types of food(s) your family likes/dislikes, if you have any particular desires (i.e., the best chowder/Thai/Indian in the area).

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      Moderate to expensive. No Asian, Greek or French. Anything else is great.

      1. Is Legal Seafood any good? please keep in mind we live on the gulf coast in alabama and get fresh seafood alot.

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          You'll find a lot written about Legal if you search this board. A bit controversial and the conventional wisdom is that 'it is not as good as it used to be' but I believe still a fine place to sample New England seafood. Different animals from the Gulf, try steamed clams, fried clams, lobster.

        2. It partly depends on how touristy you are. When my family visited town, they considered a stop at Cheers to be absolutely essential, for example. If you're looking for that sort of 'famous' spot, that's one side of things. (For the record, Cheers is a very generic 80s/90s fern-bar sort of place)

          If you just want some good local favorites downtown, that's another. Legal Seafood is fairly overpriced for what you get, but it's not a bad place to get New England seafood specialties.

          1. One of the better restaurants in the down town area is Locke-Ober. It's a little pricey, but is a Boston institution and you can almost sense it's historical past when you walk in. The food is also very good. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Scampo. It's located in the Liberty Hotel, a cab ride away. Both places are run by Lydia Shire, one of Boston's legendary chefs and both might be hard to get into.