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May 1, 2008 11:02 AM

Eating Near Shea Stadium

I am going to a 1:00 PM Mets game with family on Mothers Day. We will be a group of 10. We either want to go for dim sum before the game, or any kind of asian if we go for late lunch/early dinner after the game. I am just worried that all of the restaurants will be crazy busy because it is mothers day.

Any suggestions for restaurants that will take a reservation for 10 (and honor it)?

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  1. you can get dim sum at Jade and hop the 7 train to the stadium (3 min ride) Jade may take reservation but even on mothers day at 11am i dont think it would be a problem. they can easily fit 200 people


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      I agree. Jade may not be the best dim sum of your life but it's quite good, and there's a muni parking lot right there, and it's close to the train.
      Do you care about seeing the first pitch? I think you'll want to be at Jade at 10:30a.

      here's some misc mets+food infor: http://www.scoreboardgourmet.com/mets...

    2. There was a thread about Chinese restaurants in Flushing recently with some excellent insight from a Chinese-American. He/She (I can't remember who it was) said that it is unusual for a Chinese restaurant in Flushing to take reservations because of the high table turnover and the desire not to have tables sitting empty waiting on a reserved party.

      That said, I love the dim sum at Ocean Jewels.

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        I'd also add, based on my knowledge of major SF Bay Area Dim Sum venues, that so few of the Cantonese that form the backbone of support for this type of establishment would know Mothers' Day from Sadie Hawkins Day that the "holiday" probably has little impact on table availability. Hallmark has a little outreach work ahead for itself.

        Go Mets!

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          I don't know what population makes the NYC dim sum palaces a mad house on mother's day - possibly it is our formidable dog patch crew - but I would allow for an extra 45 minutes to an hour more to clear the door. (Left side note - last mother's day at Koi Palace in Daily City was a zoo)

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            Koi Palace is always a zoo on Sundays.

            I'm wondering if it's different in New York because Jewish mothers insist on being treated to dim sum on Mothers' Day Sunday ;-)

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              A lot of Chinese-Americans, at least on this coast, are big on Mother's Day. One of my good friends' families always does dim sum, and a big dinner in Chinatown on that day, and places there are always jammed on Mom's Day.

      2. I always go to Sriprahphai after afternoon mets games. Since its an odd time there is never a problem getting a table. I know my mom would be thrilled if she ended up there on mother's day (after a Mets win of course!)

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          How funny - that's exactly what I'm doing with my mom on Mother's Day, too! (We always go to Sripraphai after Sunday afternoon Mets games).

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            We went for the first time after a Saturday day game. It was wonderful. We really didn't know what to expect. Great food, nice service. We can't wait until the weather is warmer and that back garden area is open (they closed it because of wind on the day we went).

        2. Spicy & Tasty in Flushing (my mouth is watering as I think about Dan Dan Noodles and Pork and Greens Szechuan - and its only 833am on a Sunday morning) or Little Pepper. Both are excellent (see many other threads covering nuances of both), convenient to the Flushing #7 and one stop away from resplendent Shea. As the prior poster indicated, no need to worry about reservations, I have never had a problem at either place at any time.

          1. Worlds fair marina has decent indian food. walking distance to shea

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              The marina has indian food??? ...not seafood? I always just assumed that they had steak/seafood. Am I wrong?