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May 1, 2008 10:47 AM

ice cream maker

Hi, I am new so please bear with me.
I will be careing for my 8 year old autistic granson this summer.
He loves to cook with Gwa, that is his name for me.
So I was wanting to buy a ice cream maker for us to use this summer !
So far what I have read the Supreme Comercial Cuisinart is a good one.
Just thought I would ask for help on this. Thank you Miss Marsha

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  1. Welcome, Miss marsha. You will probably have more responses on the General Topics board.....if the powers that be don't move you there anyway!!! They will usually move you if the posting and discussion is not strictly about New England food.
    Anyway....I have a Cuisinart machine and I love it. You pre-cool the bucket in the freezer ~24 hours and you are good to go. Makes awesome ice cream. Don't know if sugar sensitivity is an issue for him or not(I have an autistic nephew and his parent's prefer low sugar), but I use agave instead of sugar in my ice cream, and it comes out just as creamy and wonderful as though I'd used sugar. I divide the sugar amount in 1/2 and substitute agave (it's sweeter than sugar, and I like it less sweet anyway).

    Hope this helps!

    1. if you want to start slow.. there cuisinart ice-20 (smaller cuisinart with the insert that you must freeze beforehand) is on sale at amazon for $19.99. It's a factory refurb model.

      I have the larger one -- ICE-30 and love it.

      The supreme commerical has a compressor -- so you don't have to deal with inserts and waiting for them to freeze (12 to 15 hours).

      1. I have the smaller one and it works well, making ice cream in 20-25 minutes, as long as the insert is really cold. My son has had fun making fresh fruit ice cream and sorbet with me. (And chocolate, too, of course.) The recipes that come with the machine are good. Personally, I think the larger one would take up too much space. And if you make smaller batches you can try a wider variety of flavors.

        1. I have the Cuisinart with a compressor, and I love it. I use it throughout the summer, and it produces wonderful ice cream and sorbet.

          One caveat: The machine is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, but some of the moving parts are plastic. I ordered extra plastic parts just in case something breaks and the model is no longer being made. I'd hate to put a perfectly good machine into the trash just because of a small plastic part. I suggest you do the same, if you decide to buy the machine. Good luck and happy ice cream making!

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          1. re: La Dolce Vita

            Ordering extra parts for a pricey appliance is an excellent tip - you never know when a product will be discontinued.

          2. I don't know about the Cuisinart you are interested in, but I use a Lello Gelato Jr. It's less expensive than the Cuisinart (by about $100). It does not have an automatic timer and is not as easy to clean a some other models, but it makes excellent ice cream. And the outside is plastic, not steel, like the Cuisinart.

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              I picked up a Rival for $25.00 at Target and it works just fine. This is my first ice cream maker, so I have no means of comparision,,,,,,but it seems to do what everyone above has said. Yes, I need to freeze the insert (I just keep it in the freezer, in a plastic bag as they suggest to prevent freezer burn). The churner is plastic, but seems very sturdy. I've made a bunch of batches and all seems well.