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May 1, 2008 10:47 AM

Atlanta Airport Fine Dining.........

Anything above average for dinner at the Hartfield/Jackson A/P. Something like steak and seafood with good wine and no smoke. Thanks.

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  1. On our way to Europe, we had a layover at the Atlanta Airport and I believe it was Houlihan' wasn't fine dining but decent enough to have a meal with some wine.

    1. Afraid no such luck. The closest your going to get at the airport itself is Houlihan's in the Atrium. Hartsfield is slim pickins when it comes to Fine Dining. To totally change gears, try classic Southern "meat and three" at Paschal's in the Atrium or on Concourse A.

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        If you want a good drink in a clean space, there is a Kettle One bar at the very end of Concourse A.

      2. The quick answer is No. Chilis or Houlihan's is about as good as it gets. There is a Samuel Adams Cafe that is fine for what it is. Avoid Paschal's like the plague - I have made 3 attempts and it has ranged from godawful to totally inedible.

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          Glad I found this thread....going to be flying out of town in a few weeks ahd haven't been through the airport in a LONG time (getting my wife on a plane requires something like how they always got Mr. T's character to fly on the A-Team)

          Problem is we'll have a 4 and 5 yr. old with us, and other scheduling problems means the only time we will be able to eat is between security and boarding....but if i recall correctly, I think i ate at a houlihan's sometime late 90s and it was OK...

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            Be careful, Houlihan's is in the Atrium of the Main Terminal...before you go through security and out to the concourses.

        2. No such thing. Seriously, the food is really lacking. You might try Phillips Seafood on Concouse D as well. If you have to leave security to go to the Atrium to Houliahan's (really is the nicest restaurant at the Airport), you could miss your flight getting back through security. The T Concourse has some fresh dining options. You can check out all of the options online at the airport website, Good luck!