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May 1, 2008 10:47 AM

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

Here is the take-out menu for Hong Kong Palace:

Please pick out some dishes as a feast for two or three people.

I know many hounds here love this place, but talk about the "authentic" menu. Are any of the "good" dishes on this menu here? If not, just list a couple of "must-try" dishes from the other menu. I'd appreciate suggestions in various categories, like appetizers, soups, chef's special and vegetables.


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  1. ok, I'll start. Twice Cooked Pork w/Garlic Leaves (C7) and Ma Po Tofu (C2) are #1 and #2 on my list

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      thanks, jamie! now, does this menu overlap to some degree with the "authentic" menu that others have often mentioned?

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        this menu IS the authentic menu, but for some reason it has a different look from the one in the 3-ring binder at the restaurant
        The Golden Corn w/Egg is a good dish to take a break from the heat but it's a big portion, more suitable for a bigger group.

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          great to know, thanks again! maybe i'll print it out and circle items recommended here -- then take the printout with me!

    2. This is the good menu - it recently changed.

      Chengdu noodles (A9)

      They have another app that I ordered the other day that isn't on the take-out version, which is what the link is to (though I'm confused as they have a link to the take-out version - but this is NOT the authentic in-house menu). This is spicy cold sichuan beef.

      Also not on this - cumin lamb.

      V8 - the egg battered corn (for after you have some of the oil covering your plate.

      Also in the veggie section, the fried lettuce (not on this menu, either).

      1. I'll second the twice-cooked pork. Also, anything "in peppery broth". Recent favorite - steamed whole fish in ginger and garlic.

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          The pork in the twice-cooked pork is from the belly, the same section from which bacon is cut. The taste is phenomenal, but I was put off by the extreme amount of fat so I kept cutting it away. Admittedly, mine is a minority opinion. There are folks for whom the pork belly is a cult cut of meat, worthy of adoration.

          Further down thread, there's mention of beef braised in beer. Ditto on the nothing-special opinion. Another nothing-special dish is the Chengdu Salt and Pepper Shrimp. Peking Gourmet Inn's Jeo-Yen Shrimp is much tastier. (The glory that used to be the Peking Gourmet is no more. With the exception of a couple of dishes, their food is merely servicable. Their Jeo-Yen shrimp is one of those still-excellent dishes.)

          Having raised some red flags about some HKP food, here are my faves:

          o Any of the meat with pickled vegetable dishes. We usually order chicken with pickled vegetables, but a pork version is available. Like the Golden Corn, this is a break from the intensity of the Sichuan dishes. That's not the only reason to order this. It is delicious!

          o Chengdu Zhong dumplings
          o Dan Dan noodle
          o Smoking Tea duck (We've always gotten the appetizer item. I don't know if it is a different preparation or simply a different size portion compared to the listing in the main dishes )
          o Hot and Sour Seafood Soup (not the regular version)
          o Cumin lamb -- Truly incendiary! Truly amazing!

        2. Two thing I can't get elsewhere: 1) the golden corn and egg 2) tiger skin peppers

          The Chengdu noodles have the perfect texture.

          1. I will second the twice cooked pork, the golden corn with egg (agreed that it's best for a big group, it's a huge pile of food), chengdu noodles, cold beef, cumin lamb, and the tiger skin peppers. All seriously good food!

            Also, think about getting some of the spicy wontons for an appetizer