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May 1, 2008 10:31 AM

Coolidge Corner Celebration Dinner for 12

Looking for a good place for a celebration dinner in Coolidge Corner. There are a lot of out of town guests coming so I would like someplace special. I am not too concerned with price but definitely want something casual. The group has 2 vegetarians and 2 teenagers. I am hoping for a really fun place with good food. I would probably not want Asian or Mexican because I have guests from California.

I would prefer Coolidge Corner because some of the guests fly in that night and will probably be tired. I am willing to take a quick T ride for someplace perfect.

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  1. I'm gonnah go with the Lineage rec again; esp. if you have two vegetarians...There's lots of little plates, which are perfect for crafting a meal. They also take reservations,even tho the place is small.

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      Will they eat Indian? I'm thinking there will be vegetarian choices, it's a large, pretty place and the food is good/reasonably priced. Whether for good or ill, CC is mostly sushi now, and they can get that in California. There's Thai at Pho Lemongrass, but I'm betting they can get that at home, too.

      1. re: SSqwerty

        That's Vietnamese at Pho Lemongrass, but it's so mediocre, it may be hard to tell the difference...

      1. re: ginnyhw

        I haven't been there for many years.......Aren't they asian?

        1. re: Science Chick

          Jaes is asian and it is not particularly good. I also think that the location of the one in Brookline is pretty weird and not very festive.

      2. If you want to venture slightly, Elephant Walk has worked for me for out of town guests. The atmosphere is nice enough to pass for a celebration.

        If you go the other way to Washington Square, you could look at The Fireplace.

        I've never eaten at the Russian places - the one where Seattle's Best was or the one in Washington Sq.

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          Also, the Washington Sq. Tavern is great!

        2. For excellent food, a casual atmosphere, and food they are unlikely to find in CA, I'd suggest Taberna de Haro. It's right at the first above-ground stop on the C line. My only qualm is that the place is small and does not generally take reservations, but if you call them well in advance and explain the situation they may be willing to accommodate you. I guarantee your guests will remember it, the food is the most authentic Spanish in the area, and they have plenty of really good veggie options. The menu is here:

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          1. re: BobB

            Tapas sounds like a great fit. The Spanish food is much better in Boston than California. I read that Taberna de Horo had some some problems with snooty services, which I would like to avoid for this dinner. Has that problem been remedied?

            1. re: figg

              I've heard that too but have never experienced it, quite the contrary. I seem to recall reading that it may have been at a time when the owner was away.

              1. re: figg

                The problem was remedied and the staff is very friendly - they gave me their recipe for sangria - delicious! I think Deborah might be able to accommodate a group of 12, especially in the warm weather when they have more room (out side tables) but don't plan to go when there a Red Sox game as there will be zero parking in the neighborhood.

            2. Pomodoro in Brookline Village is great. I eat there a lot because it is in my neighborhood. It's a very short distance from Coolidge Corner. It's on Harvard street. I have always had wonderful meals there.

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              1. re: macadamianut

                i like pomodoro, but it's pretty small and i don't think it would work for a group of 12. if you do go there, it's cash only.