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May 1, 2008 09:45 AM

Cape May, need romantic and fine dining

It is my fiance's birthday and I am looking for a fine dining restaurant. We are NY foodies who can enjoy both a five star restaurant and a good cheap eats find. We have been to Cape May before and ate at Axsselrod's Blue Claw, Lobster House, and the restaurant across from the turn to Lobster House(forgot the name), the latter two were because it was a busy weekend and we did not plan it(everything good was booked).

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  1. If you search this board you'll find plenty of threads with the same subject. Having said that, this time of year ( before Mothers' day) I'd recommend Peter Shields Inn. Open Year Round, BYOB, consistantly good, change menu seasonally.

    Honrable mention to Merion Inn, who's food isn't as good but they have a nice bar and an amazingly good piano player, if that's any consideration.

    1. The Ebbit Room at the Virginia Hotel.

      We ate at the Merion Inn in September. My wife rated her meal "pretty good". My steak, ordered rare, was well done, and the lobster tail was lousy. Sent it back.

      1. The Peter Shields Inn is a fav of ours as well. I just read on that the Inn and restaurant are for sale, $6.2 million.

        1. Tisha's is supposed to be good, its right on the water as well as Henry's on the Beach (not sure of atmpsh at Henry's). believe both are byob.
          Merion Inn decent, can be kinda loud i found. Altheas ok and dining room musty, too many kids last year to rate as "romantic". Washington Inn ***. check out tisha's menu. gets good reviews. I dont believe anything in CM is 5 stars, thats allotta stars... but there are some great places with good service. too bad about peter shields, it being for sale may explain someone's post about such poor service a few months back.

          1. I've also enjoyed a few wonderful meals at Union Park Dining in the Hotel Macomber. Very elegant and beautiful inside. Delicious food.