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May 1, 2008 09:43 AM

Eggettes: Good? Bad? Worth the trip?

Call me out of the loop, but someone just brought these to my attention. I was told that they're great on ice cream so, being the die-hard ice cream fanatic that I am, of course my curiosity was piqued.

What do other CH's think?

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    1. re: wolfe

      Heard there's a place in the Pacific East Mall that makes eggettes or a eggette-like product now.

      1. re: kc72

        Anyone know what this place is called or whether its any good? Its a lot closer to me than Glen Park.

          1. re: wolfe

            Chowhounds say don't pass.

            "the special waffles and the egg puffs (is that what they are called? i thought they were egg pancakes? maybe not...) are way yummy! i always have to stop into this place when i'm at this mall!"

            The name of the place in Pacific East Mall is J & S Coffee & Tea House

            They even sell Double Rainbow Ice Cream ... so you could get your eggette and ice cream fix in one stop.

            1. re: rworange

              It has been a year since you found them and as yet you have not reported on them. I see it is lj2899's quote. Have you had one with or without ice cream?

              1. re: wolfe

                I had eggettes at a now closed place in the Richmond in SF. They were ok. Anyone who likes a waffle-like thingy will like eggettes. At most, if I am ever in the mall at the right time and right place I'd try the green version.

                The planets never align for me for some things. I still have Ajanta on my to try list after 4 years of living in the area.

                1. re: rworange

                  So you will send chemchef in on a quote and ignore K K.'s comment.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    Woof, wolfe ...

                    I have nothing vested in this other than chemchef asking the name of the joint in the Pacific East Mall and remembering a positive mention so that I would try them. I can't even find the negative comment you mention on Yelp about this place IN THE PACIFIC EAST MALL.

                    Yelpers comments are along this line ...

                    "Hong Kong style waffles (try the coconut pandan waffle some time before you die, please) and egg puffs... baybeeee!"


                    "On weekends, there is also a separate section that sells HK style waffles and HK style egg puffs (very similar to Bubble Act in Milpitas), and it is pure excellence at extremely low prices"

                    You are linking to a quote from KK about the state of eggettes in general in the United States and how they are not as wonderful as in Hong Kong decades ago.

                    Maybe ... maybe not. Can't tell you. The ones I tried tasted basically like waffles in egg form

                    I don't think they will be any food revelation or nirvana but to me they were tasty and fun. I'm just passing along the name of a place that makes them that is nearer to chemchef. And, hell, a visit to Pacific East Mall is always worth it. If ya don't like the eggettes there are a zillion other things.

                    That being said ... reading all 39 Yelp reviews on J & S (four stars), it reminded me that they only make the eggettes on weekends and I'm not clear if they still do. It seems like somewhere in July the waffle guy vanished. Don't know if he is back.or if it was a temporary absense.

                    1. re: rworange

                      The original post was whether eggettes were good or bad and worth a trip. My yelper said no and K K says no. Your yelpers and CHs say yes. Funny since you are in the neighborhhood so frequently and I, probably, even more regularly that neither one of us has a personal opinion based on trying them.

                      1. re: wolfe

                        I wasnt responding to the original post. I was responding to the question of what was the the name of the shop in the Pacific East Mall.

                        I DID try eggettes ... just not at the joint in the Pacific East Mall ...there's only so much junk food I can eat in my life. I don't eat American pancakes all that often either.

                        Given that in the past they were only made on weekends and I try to avoid the Pacific East Mall at prime time on weekends, it isn't likely I'd be rushing over since I already tried eggettes and don't have any desire to do an eggette crawl.

                        And like KK mentioned, they are a teen snack food in this country and given the fact the boba place is teen central on the weekend ... well, even less desirable. The joint I tried eggettes at in SF was also an Asian teen hangout. Been there. Done that. Not so strange I didn't try them again. There are a lot of joints higher on my list at Pacific East Mall.

                        And even so ... I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one anyway ... I only tried them once. And let me repeat this one more time to be clear ... they taste like waffles. If ya like waffles, you will probably like egg puffs.

                        I'm not even that wild about the Belgium waffle truck at the farmers markets that everyone raved about and I'm more familiar with those than the Asian eggette version. Wasn't a rec, just a note they were there and someone liked them..

                        Anyway, thanks to kz72 I tracked down the name of the place in the Pacific East Mall ... Hong Kong Snack House. The two yelpers reporting on that place didn't like it because the pandam version they tried didn't have enough pandam flavor and it took them too long to make ... yada, yada, yada.

                        I mean sheesh ... the shop is there if chemchef is interested ... that's all.

                        1. re: wolfe

                          Well ... damn it ... I went ... still taste like waffles to me

                          Still ... where you gonna get a waffle for $1.50 ... and a pandam sesame coconut one to boot.

                          IMO, yelpers were unfair to this joint. Again, it isn't going to be a life-changing taste ... just snack food.

                2. re: rworange

                  Is this the same place? I don't believe this new location has been open a yr -- I could be wrong. The place you described sounds like the boba shop.. the one I'm referring to is across the boba shop right by that side parking lot door.

                  1. re: kc72

                    Ah ... maybe the waffle guy moved there. There were reports that the waffle guy was MIA at the boba shop in about that time frame. Maybe he opened his own shop.

                    1. re: rworange

                      perhaps.. or maybe it's someone else. The 2 times I've walked by there has been a couple of Asian women behind the counter.

                      Similar though.. they sell bahn mi also.

              2. re: chemchef

                Don't know the name and haven't tried it, but it's across from the place that sells boba tea/ice cream and nr the 168 restaurant -- right next to the doors that lead to that side parking lot.

          2. I go pretty regularly to the one in the Sunset. They're pretty much just light, warm waffles. They usually have plain, chocolate, and a special flavor like honeydew or sesame. Nice enough, but if I didn't live in the neighborhood I probably wouldn't have a craving for them. I haven't put ice cream on top, but Polly Ann's is next door so it would be easy to put that combo together.

            1. Definitely saw some in Oakland Chinatown in the window of a shop. Think it was on Webster around 11th. East side of the street.

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              1. re: lexdevil

                That must have Shooting Star Cafe - they're prominently displayed in the window. I was lured in by the sweet eggy smell one day after work... thought I could just get a quick snack... it took over half an hour to get one order, and they tasted like commercial waffles.

                The ones at Yummy Guide on 11th, just west of Webster, are better, but honestly, I'd rather just get ice cream in a good waffle cone. or one of those Belgian waffles from the farmer's market and put some ice cream on it myself.

                1. re: daveena

                  I tried them at Shooting Star -- bland and not crisp enough = terrible

                  1. re: kc72

                    Yah, Yummy Guide makes a better and crispier one than Shooting Star if you happen to be in that area. I've also had one at this boba place called Mochaccino/Double Rainbow Cafe on Bancroft Avenue (near Quizno's) by the UC Berkeley campus and it was quite okay, with fairly crispy edges and slightly soft centers. It's been a year or so ago though, so I'm not sure if they still serve them or whether they taste the same.

              2. Never tried the waffle things, but I did make the mistake of ordering one of their coffee, ice cream, whipped cream concoctions. They're made from blending strange astronaut powders and you could taste it. Kind of like drinking a reverse diet shake. Then they topped it with cheap canned whip cream. It made me appreciate Starbucks.

                The Glen Park location had couches and a big screen tv, toy dispensers .... and Filipino style bbq lunch specials.

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                1. re: sugartoof

                  Not all the drinks are made from powders. Some of the fruit-based drinks are made from fresh fruit.

                  1. re: bigwheel042

                    Maybe some.... but the menu is complex with options as it is, and some of the juices are coming from a carton.

                  2. re: sugartoof

                    Which place are you referring to so I can avoid it.

                    1. re: wolfe

                      The Glen Park location of Eggettes.

                      It might be fine for the waffles, but don't expect quality toppings.

                  3. Eggettes make some of the best tapioca milk tea in the bay area.

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                    1. re: gemster

                      I agree - the tapioca is the right level of firmness and the flavor is just slightly sweet.