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Mizithra cheese in the GTA

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  • PNY May 1, 2008 09:41 AM
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Hi all,

Was wondering where I can purchase mizithra cheese in the GTA. TIA!

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  1. Try Greek House Market on the Danforth, but remember to specify if you want fresh Mizithra (similar to ricotta) or dried Mizithra (seems to be more common in Ontario- it's shredded or grated like Romano or Parmesan and put on pasta, etc.)

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      I second Greek House Market.

    2. At least a year ago I got it at the Pape IGA on Danforth. It took me awhile to make them understand because I was pronouncing it very badly. Finally, they they said "Ah, mizithra, why didn't you say that".

      I thought I had.