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May 1, 2008 09:31 AM

Avon, CT - Breakfast Black Hole?

I can't find anything in Avon remotely resembling a diner/breakfast all day joint. Bagel Chalet on 44 has good sandwiches, but they don't serve the kind of greasy omelettes and hash browns I'm looking for. Help?

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  1. Ok, I've got a good suggestion for you...maybe two, but neither are in the vast breakfast wasteland of Avon. The Harvest on Route 10 in Simsbury has a killer breakfast (search it on the NE thread of this site for feedback). Also, I'm a pretty big fan of the Quaker Diner on Park Road in West Hartford. I live within walking distance of the QLD as I call it but often times if I'm in the mood for something a little more special I'll truck out to The Harvest for something killer like Banana Bread French Toast or the Spinach and goat cheese fritatta. Harvest isn't fancy...just good. QLD is a diner all the way and the food is quite good.

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      I've lived within 5 miles of Quaker Diner for 30 years, and have never tried it. I'll have to give it a spin. Right now, I live near Sisson Ave in Hartford, and work up on 44 in Avon, so I'd love to find something with breakfast-all-day along 44 between Hartford and Canton. "QLD" serve breakfast all day or just morning?

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        QLD is only open until 2 or 1pm 7 days a week. You might try Effie's Place also on Park Road and I believe they serve breakfast all day (and they're open for dinner too). Also, while it's not my cup of tea---try Mo's midtown in your nabe. People love it...just not me.

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          Mo's stinks. Just about the only thing worth trying there is the pancakes, and even those are just so-so. Their home fries that everyone raves about are just typical too-large chunks of potato cooked unevenly. The western omelette is made with cheap deli sliced ham of poor quality (lots of chunks of gristle and mystery textures) and the toast is seemingly dipped in a butter-flavored oil. The potato pancakes tasted like they were made of couscous or something, extremely grainy and mealy texture. I don't mean to rant, but that place rubbed me the wrong way, and I gave it about 3 chances to show me they were just having an off day.

          I'd sooner eat at Gold Roc, and that's saying something.

          1. re: ratbuddy

            I agree with ratbuddy regardinf Mo's. Went twice with my wife and both were just less than ordinary. We went twice because we thought the first time could have been just an off day. The second time was no better that the first. We had pancakes and they were just so-so. Had eggs w/ home fries, and they just not good.

            Don't know why they get such a following.

            1. re: ppmaysa

              I think it's because it's near to Univ of Hartford and college kids will eat pretty much anything.

      2. re: masha bousha

        Since putting this up, I've tried both Quaker Diner and Harvest. Of the two, I'd return to Quaker Diner, not Harvest though.

        At Quaker, I got a western omelette with rye toast and home fries, a bacon egg and cheese on a roll (I prefer buscuits but they didn't have any, and I didn't think to ask for an english muffin) and a side of corned beef hash. The total bill came to something like $9 or $10. When I got to work, the food was still warm despite the 20 minute drive, and the toast held up well. Still a bit crisp on the edges even being in the container with the steaming omelette and hash browns. Not overbuttered like the garbage you find at Mo's. The omelette was just right, nice pieces of non-weird diced ham, peppers, and onions, cheddar folded in as requested, and cooked just right. The home fries were very good, a nice mix of crunch and flavor, nice and moist without being greasy. Didn't need to add any salt or pepper, and ketchup would have ruined them in my book. The hash was tasty as well, standard from-a-can stuff, but cooked nice and crispy on the bottom and a nicely sized portion for the money. I was full enough at this point that I could only manage a bite of the sandwich, and it was about what you'd expect from a diner BE&C. Egg was cooked just enough, the bacon was crispy, and the roll was solid enough without being too bready.

        Harvest on the other hand..... I'd give them one more chance, but the experience was quite poor. It was a Saturday morning around 9:15 when I placed the order, a cowboy frittata with rye, side of home fries, side of hash, and was told 15 minutes till it was ready. Perfect. I arrived at 9:30, and was greeted by a disorganized line going out the door. No employees anywhere in sight, and I had to ask several people in line if they were waiting for a table or takeout before someone actually knew the answer. I "excuse me'd" my way up to the register (a simple "Pick up orders here sign would be great) and got the food. First surprise, the bill came to $17 and change. Say what? Well, OK, maybe it's really really good breakfast. No way. I started with the toast, and while the bread had great potential, there was no butter anywhere in sight, and they must have just warmed it up a bit. No color at all, and it was pretty tough to chew on. A good toasting and some butter (on the side even) would fix this easily. Sadly, same story on the corned beef hash. After only a 10 minute drive to work, it was already cold. The flavor was passable, although a bit sweet, and the corned beef was clearly not the cubed canned kind, but there was again no color anywhere to be seen, like they threw it on the stove or griddle for the minimum time possible to warm it up. No crust at all. Same deal with the home fries. Very nice fresh ingredients, possibly some fresh herbs even, but undercooked. No crisp or color on the edges, and they were cold way too fast. The frittata was crummy as well. The toppings were just that: sitting on top of the frittata. It was a 3/4" thick, perhaps 7" around solid piece of unseasoned egg, with some cubes of ham, peppers, and onions on top. There was a thin layer of partially melted cheddar over the whole thing. It was cooked properly, but none of the flavors had a chance to party with each other. Again, the ingredients seemed of good quality, but the execution seemed hurried. No browning of the cheese at all, and it wasn't even melted enough to keep the toppings from falling off with every bite.

        It seems like they have everything in place to make good food, except a good cook. Maybe it was all the yuppies and soccer moms waiting for a table that made the kitchen feel hurried and lose their focus, but that shouldn't happen in a place that's charging me $17 for a diner-food breakfast.

        Hmm, sorry if that was too long winded..

      3. How about Sally and Bob's in W.Hartford Center. I haven't been there in quite a while, but I can't think of anyplace else. There used to be a number of places in Avon and the surrounding areas, but they all closed.

        Sally & Bob's Deli-ette
        10 N Main St
        West Hartford, CT 06107
        Phone: (860) 236-5392

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        1. re: NE_Elaine

          Sally and Bob's is good stuff, I used to eat there about 3 times a week when I worked in West Hartford center. A bit far now, though. Maybe I just need to open a diner on route 44 somewhere :P

          1. re: ratbuddy

            If you do, let me know. I love a good breakfast!

          2. re: NE_Elaine

            Sally and Bobs closes early though and since they remodeled the chef doesn't seem to make use of that giant oven/stovetop that he now has. If you go there with a party greater than 2 it's likely you won't all be eating at the same time since the meals kind of trickle to the table 1 by 1. I do love the joint though...they have killer hard rolls dotted with a tiny bit of poppyseeds and they make spectacular scrambled egg and cheese sammiches. They also used to have a great waitress there who, no matter what you ordered would say, Excellent Choice!

          3. Here is a new option. They have only been open a couple of months. I had french toast and coffee this morning. OK to good food. My bill was $7 and change (before tip). Great view of Avon mountain. Located in back of Riverdale Farms shopping area. See link:

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                No, The Bosc space is reopening as a bar and grill soon


                The deli is across the parking lot, I had lunch there one day. Great outdoor seating, nice owner, food o.k. Will definitely try it for breakfast!

            1. We like Village Cafe and Bistro in Canton, near the post office. Had delicious lamb hash this morning, also recommend the sweet potato home fries and the Eggs Canton. They serve fresh orange juice, good coffee and it has a nice neighborhood feel.


              1. Village Cafe - Canton off route 44 - friendly - reasonable - comfy - breakfast till 11:30