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May 1, 2008 09:25 AM

Cinco de Mayo 2008

Where are the best festivals/food?

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  1. So, nobody has any Cinco de Mayo plans???

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    1. re: chemchef

      Alice radio is having a live broadcast at Tres Agaves in SF -- if you want to eat tacos and get hammered at 6AM, check it out. (I'll pass.)

      1. re: chemchef

        There's three big events in the Bay Area, SF, Oakland and San Jose. SJ is the big one, booths and food. In many ways CDM is like Chinese New Year, community and civic minded...not necessarily a food find. You might have to go on a mission and report back.

        1. re: ML8000

          Indeed. In Oakland it's Sunday:

          (same URL every year


          You can get as good a selection of food most of the time, though, and avoid the crowds and the blaring music and advertisements. Although I do quite like the broiled corn with lime and chili flecks served in that one parking lot...

        2. re: chemchef

          I am sure there are many Cinco de Mayo plans, but in your OP you wanted public events.

          I am sure in the Mission in San Francisco and on International Blvd in Oakland there should be something going on. .

          1. re: chemchef

            The Int'l Ave Event is the only public CDM event I've found in the Bay Area that's worthwhile. Even though I live in SF, I do volunteer work near Int'l Ave and have been working my way around the hood for a couple of years now -- its a good food destination. So this CDM I'm taking a pile of friends who are less familiar with the area.

            And on Monday, we're having a celebration at home with Tejano/Tex-Mex/Sonoran food (in honor of Texas-born General Zaragosa who commanded the Mexican forces at the Battle of Puebla).

          2. There's the festival in Dolores Park this Saturday. Can't really comment on the food though.