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May 1, 2008 09:24 AM

MSP Holy Land expansion

our much-beloved halal market appears to be expanding into the space next door, formerly sully's bar.

this should double their square footage in my estimation, providing more space for delicious market and deli delicacies. go holy land go!

Holy Land Bakery & Grocery
2513 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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  1. Funny--they are also expanding their location at the Midtown Global Market. Business must be good.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      The MGM expansion was a pleasant surprise last time I visited. I'm so glad they moved the olives & feta to the grocery side - no more waiting in the buffet line.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'll put another plug in for the expansion, although I've only experienced the M.G.M. incarnation. Great service. I say again: Great.

        I'm all for expansion when it means the same wonderful face-to-face service. Nice to see. Our lamb shoulder this weekend was fantastic. (And I was offered any cutting or additional trimming I wanted.)


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          Just two days ago, I was driving up Central Ave, and at 18th street, Noted a sign next to a small one level yellow building just south of the recently closed down Burger King. It said coming soon and had the holy land logo on the sign (just like the sign that is currently outside the old Sully's). So they are expanding even more. Since it is only about 5 blocks south of the currently expanding deli, I am very curious to see what the plans are for this spot. Perhaps it will be more of a sit down restaurant and or the buffet will move down here and the grocery will expand in its current spot? Anyone have any scoop? At this rate, pretty soon all of Central ave will be one big Holy Land Deli. (Which isn't such a bad thing....)

          1. re: autmommy

            Do they have the lunch buffet at the MGM store as well? If so, is it pretty similar to the Central Ave store?

            1. re: TDS1

              The central store is much larger and has more selection of groceries, as well as a full service halal butcher. There is a lunch buffet at both, and I'm pretty sure that Central keeps later hours. You can get the Rotesserie chicken dinners at both. I know more about the one on Central, but I have walked by the one in MGmkt, I just didn't stop and look real hard at what all they had. I did notice that the one in MGmkt did have a nice selection of olives (as does the one on Central, natch)

              1. re: TDS1

                MGM definitely has the lunch buffet, or at least they did when we were there last summer. I'm not sure they had quite the selection the central store has, but there was certainly enough variety (and more than enough quantity) to keep my mother occupied!

                1. re: prasantrin

                  I gave the MGM location a try. The buffet is much smaller than the Central location. One key difference is they have a few dessert choices at the Central ave buffet, none at MGM. There are some other differences, but if you are going for the buffet, I think the clear winner is Central ave.

                  1. re: TDS1

                    Thank you for the report TDS1.

                    I don't get to the Central location very often, so I can't compare the two locations on this point, but one thing about the newly-expanded MGMkt location I have come to appreciate is that they get some very interesting fresh vegetables in. Fresh garbanzo beans and fava beans and such. I don't know if I'd cross town to check out their little produce case, but I think it's always worth browsing when I am there.

                    They have a reasonably robust (by MGMkt standards) meat counter, too. I haven't tried it yet because I'm in the habit of going to Callister when I'm at MGMkt.


              2. re: autmommy

                Here's the scoop:

                The deli/restaurant is going into the Sully's space.
                The hummos factory will also be going in there.
                The grocery will be expanded to include more American (sic) products.
                The building by the Burger King will house a commercial bakery.

                In addition, Majdi Wadi has bought a number of duplexes in that block, with the intention of creating affordable housing.

                All this comes from our neighborhood newspaper, The Northeaster: