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May 1, 2008 09:07 AM

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

I posted last year looking for tart frozen yogurt anywhere in Michigan. I am looking for something similar to Pinkberry (more tart and real yogurt)
Any one have any suggestions?

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  1. Sam, I clicked on your screenname and realize you have been on this frozen yogurt quest for a long time now. Being a native St. Louisan living in L.A., I have access to more than enough choices out here, but what I jones for is the Ted Drewe's frozen custard that we always visit when back home and that is ubiquitous in Wisconsin and I'm sure is available in Michigan too. Funny, but a frozen custard place opened up out here (Lickety Split), expanded, but now most locations have closed and they're on their last legs...

    1. Hi Sam I Googled PinkBerry and found that it was only available in NY and CA. Problem is, I don't think we Michaganders can relate to what you're looking for. What have your experiences been with local yogurt places and what would you want to be different?

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        SonyBob, I don't want to speak for Sam, but in my experience, the frozen yogurt she speaks of is a far cry from the kind that can be found at TCBY and the like. Even high-quality frozen yogurt or custard (like Ted Drewe's) is pretty much inedible to me's just too sickeningly sweet compared to Pinkberry. Pinkberry is by no means "all natural" (their recent acknowledgement of all twenty-some ingredients has been well-documented in the press), but their product is far less sweet and cloying than the frozen yogurt or custard most are familiar with. It's a taste (and texture) I really can't describe adequately.

        Also, I've heard people who are lactose intolerant can digest Pinkberry-style yogurt better than normal frozen yogurt or frozen custard.

        Sam (original poster) - I think you must be the one who just left a comment on my yogurt blog. I am still searching for tart yogurt in Michigan - it's a shame that Tulsa and Missoula have it, but Michigan is left out in the cold.

        1. re: Kate_N

          Hi all! I live in Houston and we have a local yogurt shop called Berry Bop. Here is the difference, this "new" yogurt craze that started with places like Pinkberry make frozen yogurt that retains much of its "yogurtness". The idea isnt to make some low-fat-tastes-like-ice-cream, knock-off. Though it is low fat and creamy, it retains the tartness of yogurt, and is absolutely not sweet. If you have ever had a yogurt like "White Mountain" and imagined putting just that into a soft-serve ice cream machine, that is the idea. Hope that helps.

          1. re: DrJon

            I spelled it wrong, it is actually Berripop and it is modeled after Pinkberry

      2. Try Frost Product out of Michigan. I had there tart yougurt.

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        1. I don't know if they still serve it, but "Olgurt," the frozen yogurt served by Olga's restaurants, seems to fit the bill, if memory serves (notice all the "iffy" clauses in that statement :) Their web site doesn't show it, but darn if it's not the tart frozen togurt you're looking for.

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          1. re: amandaqtpie

            Unfortunately, Olga's got rid of their frozen yogurt a couple of years ago.....I remember having it, but it wasn't the tart kind. Thanks for the reply though.....I am still on my mission to find fro-yo in Michigan

            1. re: SuperSam30

              My sons and I are on the same quest for tart yogurt in Michigan. We've tried Pinkberry in NY and Juniper in Providence. We were so excited to see a new Frozen Yogurt sign in E. Lansing last night but alas they were serving Frosty Yogurt. The owner of the shop said he doesn't think Michiganians would go for tart yougurt so I tried to convince him otherwise. Let me know if you have any luck in your search.

          2. I was so excited while walking into Amer's Deli in Ann Arbor to see a huge banner across the front of the store that said now serving tart n' tangy frozen yogurt. I literally skipped inside (ok, maybe a brisk run is more like it ;-) I was even more excited when I saw that they had fresh fruit and the must-have fruity pebbles for toppings....and then I tasted it. One word - AWFUL! It did not taste anything like Pinkberry, Red Mango, Yogen Fruz or Berry Chill. It was a creamy mess that tasted like rotten cheesecake.
            I hear from a reliable source (the owner) that a Berry Chill is coming to Ann Arbor. Berry Chill is in Chicago and is amazing......I can't wait!