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May 1, 2008 09:05 AM

Best pasta sauce in a jar?

I need to buy pasta sauce in a jar for dinner this evening. I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best jarred sauce. I've used Rao's on many different occasions, but I'm honestly not that crazy about it. IMHO, Newman's Own are the best jarred sauces that I've come accross. Barilla isn't bad either. I'd love to hear recommendations from fellow hounds!


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  1. I agree about Newman's Own. Sockarooni especially is great. Spicy italian sausage is a nice addition by the way. I love this local favorite:

    1. My favorite is Muir Glen's Organic Tomato Basil Sauce.

        1. Classico 4 cheese or tomato basil

          1. We love Seeds of Change brand, in particular the Arrabiatta di Roma variety. They also have a Balsamic Vinegar and Onion that is quite good.