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May 1, 2008 09:04 AM

Minnesotan Moving to Truro

Hi there,

I'm a native Minnesotan who's moving to Truro for four months, starting end of May. I'm going to be a part of this year's Shakespeare on the Cape acting company:

I'll have a car, so I'll be mobile. I've found some good things searching through the thread archives, but I thought I'd ask: What's good, food-wise, about Truro? What's bad? Can I dig my own clams? Do I have to drive to Wellfleet to get groceries? Do I need to bring a trunk full of drygoods because everything will be $10 at the store?

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  1. You need to post this on the New England board, you'll get more replies. That said, you can only dig your own clams with a license and in designated areas. It's also not as easy as you might think it is. There's a large grocery store in Ptown and another in Eastham, near the rotory. Truro doesn't have many restaurants, but Welfleet has quite a few. The Wicked Oyster comes to mind, as does Mac's. Do a search on the New England board.

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      If you are driving there from Minn (Hi! I have family in Minn!) then I recommend you pack some drygoods or expensive grocery items. Things will cost more than what you're used to, and especially in the little specialty shops. But there are supermarkets here and there on the Cape (I know there are some around Chatham and in Hyannis). Provincetown might be your best bet for real food shopping and for restaurants. I'm blanking out on the names of restaurants right now --
      Good luck with everything this summer! it's a very beautiful spot!

    2. How wonderful! Truro is incredibly beautiful...but remote. Make sure you hit the Friendly Fisherman market and restaurant in N. Eastham. Best fresh cook at home and GREAT lobster rolls, fried seafood, etc. Don't recommend their chowder, though. The store has a few gourmet items and produce. Also, there are a few fresh produce stands along Rt. 6 during the summer (Eastham, just north of the rotary, and Wellfleet, just over the N. Eastham/Welfleet line). Usually good quality and prices.

      1. These are great suggestions. Thank you. This means I'll be sticking my fancy-schmancy olive oil in the trunk!

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          There's a Trader Joe's in Hyannis - it's right on the way to Truro. We always stop there on the way to our rental in Truro for the the fancy olive oil and real charcoal.
          In Truro best best wine and beer selection at Pamet Valley Package Store on the highway, favorite convenience store is Dutra's in North Truro . The Grand Union Supermarket in Ptown is much bigger and cheaper than the Wellfleet market and has a more interesting clientele You'll probably be stuck in a car when you go to Ptown. so two good restaurants with parking are Fanzinni's by the Sea on Commercial St. (great little bar and Friday night fish fry), and Clem and Ursies (up scale clam shack) across from the Grand Union. on Shank Painter Road. P'town has a great restaurant scene IMHO.
          Agree that the new England Board will have lots of recs.

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            In P-town I have to recommend L'Uva restaurant. The food there is outstanding. The chef-owner also teaches in Italy when his restaurant is closed during "off-season" at the cape, at a Tuscan cooking school (Toscana Saporita), where I first met him 2 years ago. L'Uva usually opens around the second week in July.


        2. I lived in Provincetown for a number of years and that is where you will likely be doing your food shopping; (or in Orleans, more miles away). Truro is tiny. You will not be doing any food shopping in Truro, unless you are desperate for milk or something. You will either go to Provincetown or Orleans for your groceries. Provincetown is the next town over - less than 10 miles - and not so much traffic. Orleans is, oh, about 20-25 minutes or so in summer traffic. Stop and Shop in Orleans is better, but Grand Union in Provincetown is easier. Prices really aren't that much different than the rest of the world. I wouldn't worry so much about the price of drygoods, though some prices do go up "in season" when the tourists arrive.

          Digging clams - sounds great and romantic, but don't count on it. Same with Oysters. Years ago, Wellfleet had a public bed for oysters, but I'm pretty sure that's long gone.

          You'll be able to get various "gourmet" items in Provincetown. They will definitely be overpriced so bring those with you. I left the cape before Trader Joes came in, so I can't say anything about that. I will say that if you are only there for 4 months, you need never set foot in Hyannis. Don't bother going south of Orleans. Sorry Midcape lovers; there's just too much to do in the Outer Cape.

          That's all I can think of right now. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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            Yes! Definitely stop at Trader Joe's in Hyannis and stock up (once) as you probably won't get back there unless you are a glutton for punishment (Hyannis in the summer). Truro is gorgeous! You'll love it. I really like Blackfish (restaurant) in Truro Center. And I must concur with some of the other posters: Wicked Oyster (Wellfleet), Mac's Shack, Clem & Ursie's (P-town), Ross' Grill (P-town), Bubala's (P-town). For groceries, again...Super Stop & Shop @ Orleans Rotary, or Grand Union in P-town.

          2. We spend time in Provincetown each year and one thing we drive to Truro for is seafood at
            Cape Tip Fish & Lobster Market
            300 Route 6 # 300
            Truro, MA 02666
            (508) 487-2164

            There is a small farm stand in the same strip mall.

            Last year there was a wonderful farmer's Market in the Center of Provincetown on Saturdays. I just check the state list for 2008 and it is scheduled. Here's the info from there.

            Saturday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
            May 17 to October 26
            Ryder Street, next to Town Hall