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May 1, 2008 08:58 AM

New Place in Montrose! Que Buenno!

Bellyworth has discovered a wonderful new addition to Montrose. Three Drunken Goats located at 2256 Honolulu Ave Montrose, CA 91021 is worth checking out if you are anywhere near the area.

Bellyworth ate so much he slipped into a food coma afterwards.

Three Drunken Goats is a Tapas style restaurant where they serve many small plates $5-15 and reasonable wine by the glass or $20-40ish per bottle. So being a big eater Bellyworth felt it necessary to try as much as possible. Here's what Bellyworth and guest tried to take on.

Round 1 (Ding Ding Ding)
In this corner weighing in with a empty belly and appetite to destroy food…..Bellyworth and in the other corner the pan fried deliciousness of Fried olives, the outrageously flavorful cheese plate and the contender of fluffy goodness the tortilla de papa. All three dishes arrive together as request. The olives jabbed away at Bellyworth’s hunger delivering one bite of mild roasted flavor after another. The cheese plate was served with a delicious quince marmalade that provides a perfectly sweet contrast to the cheese. The Capri Cheve “drunken goat” cheese that has been soaked in wine packed a slightly sweet finish and danced around the palate delivering one wallop of tastiness after another, tortilla de papa was the unsuspecting uppercut that rocked Bellyworth with what can only be described as an omelet like goodness.

Round 2 (Ding Ding Ding)
Bellyworth’s hunger is phased however Bellyworth is ready to carry on when Calamari and Garlic Prawns enter the ring. The traditional looking Calamari was light and fresh and really hit the stop. The Garlic prawns had great flavor but proved a little difficult to eat since Bellyworth had to decapitate them. Just as it looked as if Bellyworth might recover Bacon Wrapped Dates arrived. Like a HGH using ball player these BWDs were no ordinary dish they where on stuffed with chorizo. BWDs delivered a slight salty punch, a mild spicy blow and a jab of sweetness. This is the dish the rocked Bellyworth’s world. (PS Bellyworth has not let a day pass where Bellyworth hasn’t dreamed of those flavors)

Round 3 (Ding Ding Ding)
After a short breather between rounds (and a loosened belt) Bellyworth enters the ring for what would be the final round. Pushing Bellyworth to the limit the grilled lamb chops with socca cakes and mint and the pork shank with onion confit arrive looking amazing. The pork shank was so tender that the meat just fell off the bone! The lamb was packed with so much flavor that Bellyworth and guest considered ordering another so that the order could be split evenly (3 pieces) but alas the fight was over and Bellyworth could not continue.

With several contenders yet to enter the ring Bellyworth will be scheduling a rematch. The next match up hopefully will be with the crispy striped bass with fennel, grilled octopus, flatbread w/mushrooms and three cheeses or the paella with roasted vegetables.

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  1. Thanks for such a detailed and thoughtful review. It added to the LA board information here: How did you find the drive from West LA, (or do you work in that area)? We tend to only very, very infrequently get all the way out to that corner of the world from over here in the WLA / Santa Monica nexus.

    What was the $ damage for your meal?

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    1. re: Servorg

      A friend & I ate there over the weekend. We tried 7 dishes + 2 desserts -- bill came up to $89 with tax (no alcohol).

      I agree with Bellyworth on the BWD!! The Crispy striped bass with fennel 2 ways was quite flavorful, though the crispy skin was a little too salty for our taste. You need to try the homemade churros with chocolate dipping sauce on your next trip -- that was the standout from our meal.

      1. re: socalqtpi

        Homemade churros with chocolate dipping sauce how did Bellyworth miss that! Bellyworth must go back soon.

      2. re: Servorg

        Bellyworths sweetie lives in NoHo so the drive is a typical trek. about 40-50 minutes in the late evening.
        As for the total on the bill with wine approx. $120 plus tip. 20+% of course. Bellyworth felt like it was well worth it and might even venture there tonight for a rematch with BWD!!!

      3. A Tapas style restaurant in my own back yard, Montrose?!?! I'm gonna try it out ASAP!! Thanks for the recommendation and generous review.

        1. This place is well worth checking out. The fried olives are hot, juicy, and delicious. I found the tortilla de papa a bit bland. The bacon-wrapped date with chorizo was interesting but was a bit too sweet for my taste, but that's simply personal preference and no reflection on the dish. The churros are wonderful. I hope this place finds an appreciative clientele. BTW, the restaurant/bar across the street, The Fat Dog, is also a bit of a find--great onion rings, very tasty swedish meatballs.

          1. The original comment has been removed