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May 1, 2008 08:13 AM

Coffee or tea shop near Union Square

I am looking for a cute coffee place or a tea shop with good pastries where one can sit and relax for a while. Thanks!

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  1. there is a nice coffee place on Irving Place called Irving Farm.around 19th street. much better than Starbucks.

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    1. re: travpard

      there's joe the art of coffee on 13th between 5th and university place...and grey dog cafe on university around 12th street.

    2. I love 71 Irving on Irving place. Crowded at all hours but seriously cute and great coffee/other items.

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        1. re: OliveJuice123

          71 Irving is a great place to hang, but I don't like their coffee at all, and most of their food is pretty bad to boot.

        2. Amai Tea and Bake House has great tea cookies and pastries baked in house. And you can sit and linger for a while, too. It's easier to get a seat there than at 71 Irving, Joe, or Grey Dog, but I like all of those too.

          Joe the Art of Coffee
          9 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

          171 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

          Grey Dog Coffee
          90 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

          71 Irving Place
          71 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003

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          1. re: kathryn

            Great list. I would only caution that Amai Tea and Bake House is tiny, and allows for little to no privacy if you're hoping to have some conversation with your tea. I'm also not sure how comfortable it would feel to sit there and linger with a laptop.

          2. Tisserie is on the north end of Union Square - I've had a decent espresso there, but I believe the only seating is the bar in the window.

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            1. re: MMRuth

              Actually, I think there is additional seating upstairs.

              1. re: MMRuth

                The food and coffee at Tisserie are okay, but I hate the feel of the place--it feels so chainy, doesn't it?

                1. re: scrittrice

                  I've only popped in a couple of times for coffee while at the market - but now that I think about it, it does have a chainy feel to it.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      Thanks - I had no idea, though I did see that another one opened up in the city somewhere (must have driven by).

                      1. re: MMRuth

                        Yes, in Soho inside the DKNY store. Not like they need another patisserie in Soho, though!

              2. The Adore on 13th and university place

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                  2nd Tea Adore on 13th (half a block from Joe's). It is a great, intimate sort of French/Japanese tea house. It is a tiny space but has tables upstairs that make you feel like you a living a decade ago, so cute and quaint. The food too is simple and great.

                  Joe's has great coffee, but more of a scene and not relaxing, same with Grey Dog (more food than the others, but I am not as big a fan of the coffee).