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May 1, 2008 07:10 AM

Emeril-ware good ware?

I'm in the market for stainless steel cookware, and I have the opportunity to buy some Emerilware pieces. is this a good line? I am not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for -- I can feel that cookware varies in weight, but what am I aiming for? Also, in the Emerilware there is a band of copper running around the bottom -- is this for show, or does this actually contribute to performance? Thanks.

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  1. Emerilware is made in China. Go with standard All-Clad instead. All of their bonded peices are made in the USA. Some items like lids, utensils and electrics are still made in China, but the "meat" of the cookware (as in the important parts that touch food and conduct the heat) is much better than Emerilware.

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      Sorry, but I disagree. yes they are made in china, but they are designed by all-clad themselves and the thick bases conduct very well. the main difference between them is well, obviously, price, and the emerilware copper doesn't extend up the sides. to say they are equal would of course be absurd, but for the price, the emerilware is pretty hard to beat, imo.

    2. I have 1 piece of Emeril ware, but moist of my cookware is All Clad MC2. It is a very nice pan,especially considering the price I paid. I would never give up my AC, but you could defiantly do worse than the Emerilware.

      I would not buy a set, as you get many pieces that you don't need or will ever use. The important pieces are saut├ęs and fry pans with maybe a saucier. You can spend less on straight-sided sauce pans and the stockpot, as the thicker sides and bottom are less important in pans that are only used to cook liquids.

      I would get a stock pot at a restaurant supply store. I'm not a fan of Teflon, and prefer to buy inexpensive aluminum pieces at a resty' supply store.

      BTW, the copper isn't for show, as it is a sandwich under the entire contact surface.

      1. Consumer Reports gives Emerilware a good rating among uncoated sets, three spots above All-Clad MC2.. KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials is rated No,1, followed by Calphalon Contemporary (expensive),then Emerilware.

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          Thanks for the replies. Yes, i wouldn't give them a strike mark off the bat just because they're made in China -- that doesn't necessarily mean lower quality. Thank you, Kelli, for the CR rating -- that carries a lot of weight for me. I have a chance to buy a set, used but in beautiful shape, for $100. It's an unbeatable price, but it's more equipment than I'll use since mostly I want the saute pans and the stock pot.