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May 1, 2008 07:08 AM

CINCO de MAYO - New Haven and Shoreline East

Anyone know of a place that is planning a really special menu and events/music for Cinco de Mayo along the Ct Shoreline East?

I have a friend who is coming to visit and we usually go to Cuckoos Nest - but last year I was not happy - it was sort of a regular menu there - not very festive......

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  1. In Branford, Su Casa always has a party and specials for Cinco de Mayo. Also, check Jalapeno Heaven and Margarita's in Branford - they have had celebrations in the past so I assume they will this year.

    1. Su Casa gets a major thumbs down from me. Jalapeno Heaven is passable.

      If you haven't been, Mezcal in New Haven has a menu full of items you won't find in many mexican restaurants on the east coast. He is planning to have music etc.

      I personally avoid mexican restaurants at all costs on cinco de mayo, for the same reasons I avoid irish bars on st. pats. too many drunk idiots with no idea what they are celebrating other than alcohol.