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May 1, 2008 06:59 AM

South End Lunch

Although a Boston-area native, I have never spent much time in the South End, but would like to get to know it better. We may venture in on an upcoming weekend and have lunch.
Where would you recommend for a reasonably priced sit-down lunch -- around $50 or $60 for two people including a couple of glasses of wine or beer. Would like good food, of course, but type of cuisine not that important.

Thanks very much.

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  1. it's brunch not lunch but I love Union and the price is GREAT for that meal:

    1. Aquitaine has a nice lunch.
      Gaslight has a nice lunch too and a resonable wine list.

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        I second the Gaslight idea. It's such a good deal. I just had a great dinner there, with wine, for two, for $75 and it was perfectly executed traditional bistro fare with excellent service. The wine list is a minor miracle, deep in affordable yet drinkable stuff. Plus, free parking! Unlike its valet-serviced big brother (same "group"), Aquitaine! Wherever you go, don't get desert -- swing by the Buttery for a cupcake and outstanding coffee, or Flour, for a wider choice of pastry and also very good coffee.

      2. Aquitaine, Union, Pops. All three have a very good lunch/brunch menu on weekends!

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