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May 1, 2008 06:01 AM

Need Help Narrowing Down My Berlin Choices

Thanks to all of you I have some good suggestions for restaurants for our upcoming trip to Berlin the end of May.

Grill Royal
Bandol Sur Mer
Bocca du Bacco

I would like to include a dinner at Ottenhal for some good regional food....Wiener Schnitzel and noodles and strudel, but we are staying in Mitte at the Ritz Carlton, and I don't know how far that is from Ottenhal which is in Charlottenburg I am having difficulty gauging the distances in Berlin.

We have four nights in Berlin so I need advice narrowing my choices to just four.

I would like to make the reservations in the next week, as we are leaving for our trip the middle of May.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I would replace Bocca di Bacco with Sale e Tabacchi. I don't think BB is anything special. Isn't the Ritz Carlton on Potsdammer Platz, not in Mitte? Take the U2 richtung Ruhleben and be at the K'udamm (one block to Kantstrasse) in 10 min. Taxi would be about 10-12 euro, no more.

    Also, its Spargel season. Make sure to have some when you are here.

    1. I'd forego Grill Royal, unless 'atmosphere' and the possibility of seeing a celeb (albeit German :-D) is more important to you than the service or the quality of the food.

      Gugelhof is also a pretty touristy place, I'd venture out to Jolesch or Renger-Patzsch -- in Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, respectively) if you're seeking German/Alsatian/Austrian type o'cuisine.

      If you are in the Kollwitzplatz area (where Gugelhof is located), I'd also recommend Paparazzi on the corner of Danziger and Husemannstr. Fantastic pasta, served family style, and pretty moderately priced.

      You're pretty central, so if you get yourself a public transportation map (the busses should be done striking by the time you get here), you'll find that you can reach most places in the city within roughly a half hour or so.

      1. I'll just note that while being INHO an excellent restaurant, Ottenthal is not "local" food but Austrian food.

        As for the other restaurants, I am unfortunately not in the financial state to explore them regularly.