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May 1, 2008 05:44 AM

Help me feed my friends from London and SF!

Help...pretty please?

I have friends visiting every weekend in May and need restaurant recs that won't break MY bank and also ensure that I don't end up at places I always go to.

This coming weekend I have a large group of friends coming in from London. Friday we are doing dinner at Otto (group of 15) and despite the lack-luster reviews of this Batali joint on this board, I LOVE the Marinara pizza (I think it's the best slice without cheese, hands down). I also love the atmosphere and thought it would be fun for a large group.

However, on Saturday, we are doing a girls night (7-8 girls), and I need restaurant recs for dinner. I've read Alta is good for large groups....any other recs and places I can get reservations on short notice? They have a preference for Mediterranean or Thai.

Weekend of May 9-11 -

My sister is visiting from SF. I've taken her to Kittichai, Otto, and (gasp!) Dos Caminos just for the guac. She definitely wants to try Lupa one night for din, but the other night is open. We are both big fans of sushi, but I know that can be pricy...any other recs for reasonably priced - preferably somewhere in the W Village as we will be going out there after. My sis eats everything...I don't eat red meat.

Memorial Day Weekend -

I need two dinner recs that are moderately priced (think Otto prices). I tend to keep haunting places I 've already been a number of times, and need to venture out. I won't list all of the places I have been but please don't say Devi (as I probably go there more often then I should).

If you've made it this far, and are still reading - kudos! In sum, I need the following recs -

1. Recommendation for Saturday dinner for group of 8 - Mediterranean or Thai
2. 3 Dinner Recs - 1 Friday and 2 Saturdays for two friends visiting from SF (no cuisine preferences), just request it be moderately priced; would prefer locations downtown as we will probably go out afterwards..east or west doesn't matter.

Thanks a million in advance!

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  1. For a girls night out, I like Kittichai for Thai or Buddakan for Asian fusion. Extra Virgin or Snack Taverna are great for Med, as is is Fig & Olive, which can probably better accomodate your group. As for your SF friends, I recommend Da Andrea, Piadina, Tia Pol, Kingswood and August.

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    1. re: 180macd

      Thanks 180macd. I've been to Kittichai, Buddakan, and Fig a few 'em, but want to try something new.

      Haven't been to Extra Virgin or Snack Taverna. Will make a note. Also will def check out a few of the places for the SF friends...I've heard great things about Tia Pol and August.

    2. Maybe 'inoteca for one of the Otto-priced dinner for 2 friends.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I've only been to 'inoteca for drinks (others were eating and it looked delish). Do they do walk-ins?

        1. re: sf2nyc

          Yes - they definitely do. Reservations are only accepted for parties of 6 or more.

      2. For sushi (nigiri, not maki rolls) go to Ushiwakamaru. Make reservations in advance. If you just want a fun sushi experience in the WV, perhaps go to Blue Ribbon Sushi. No reservations and there's often a bit of a wait, but I like the atmosphere.

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          Oh, I think Blue Ribbon might be perfect for my sis. Thanks Kathryn!