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May 1, 2008 03:01 AM

Water Margin and Yellow Door Kitchen


Has anybody eaten at either Water Margin or The Yellow Door Kitchen?

We have eaten at Hutong a few years ago. So kinda know the experience we will get at Water Margin, but was wondering how the food is.

Have heard dribs and drabs of the Yellow Door Kitchen but nothing concrete.

Or does someone know of another Private Kitchen we could goto?


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  1. Another private kitchen is Da Ping Huo. (Si chuan cuisine, very spicy but excellent food)

    The address of Da Ping Huo is:

    L/G Hilltop Plaza,
    49 Hollywood Rd, Central.
    Tel : 2559-1317.

    But you need to call to make a reservation first. It is at the corner of Hollywood Rd and Lyndhurst Terrace.

    1. Was not impressed by Yellow Door on my only visit.

      Hutong/Water Margin/Yunfu...etc have pretty similar menus as I recall.

      1. Just came back and had dinner at yellow door. It was good, but pretty basic, no wow factor. If you email me i can send you some photos :0) Or if you are on face book you can them there under diane dillon in San Francisco,