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May 1, 2008 12:34 AM

21, Rue Mazarine, Paris - Paul Minchelli...What are your opinions?

Hi, I'm considering dinner here in a couple of days, but it has been difficult to find out much about the restaurant.
What have people head/know of it? Has anyone else dined here?

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  1. Haven't been rue Mazarine. Minchelli is a great chef and a difficult person. This is the place for pristine quality fish, (Minchelli's restaurants always were) and it is not friendly price wise (Minchelli's restaurants never were). François Simon reviewed it recently in video:

    He thought highly of it, but videos speak for themselves, methinks.

    1. You may have already decided to dine at 21 or not, but I would like to pass on my review for you or anyone else that may fine it useful. My wife and I were in paris for 5 nights in September 2007 for our honeymoon and followed Patricia Wells advice to dine at Le 21 for one of our dinners. After much effort through the George V concierge, a reservation was successfully secured at 9:30pm. We were told that 9:30pm was the only time the restaurant could seat us --- there was only one other table seated when we arrived.

      We have been fortunate enough to dine at some of the best restaurants in the world in NYC, San Francisco and France all with world renowned chefs. Our night at Le 21 was hands down our favorite dining experience we have ever had. The service and atmosphere was very lowkey (extremely appropriate for a honeymoon dinner) and by no means adverse to Americans (which we experienced at several other Parisian establishments). The menu is written on a chalkboard. The food is indescribable. I would recommend this restaurant in a heartbeat to any foodie and will always hold our meal at Le 21 as one of the "Greats".

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        Well, now I deeply regret that I never went!!
        I shall, however, definately make sure not to miss it next time I'm in Paris.

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          Do they serve eel? I saw a fricasse of eel on the Taillevent lunch menu online a few months back, but the restaurant did not have it when I was there and I am sufficiently intrigued that I want to track the dish down.