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May 1, 2008 12:13 AM

Steakhouses in Tucson?

I'm trying to book a dinner reservation for one of the nights of my graduation weekend (May 16th and 17th) from the U of A, and my family wants to eat a steakhouse one of the nights (the other nights are Vivace and Feast, tentatively). I've been to Sullivan's and find it just a little above average, and the same goes for Flemings, so I'd like to avoid those places. I've heard good things about McMahon's and Chad's Steakhouse (across the street from one another), and wanted to know opinions of these two. I don't want to venture out to Daisy Mae's or Lil Abner's, and aside from the ones I've listed, I don't know of others in Tucson. Any suggestions or opinions you have are very much needed! Or if anyone thinks there are nice fish places in Tucson that would be better than a steakhouse, let me know...TIA!

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  1. Sounds like you've nailed my two recommendations with McMahon's and Chad's. They're both local restaurants, both very well regarded. McMahon's has a similar atmosphere to Ruth's Chris or Flemings, excellent wine list, subdued and elegant atmosphere, cigar bar, etc, and probably has the best steaks in town.\

    Chads is a little less formal, their steak presentation less over-wrought, focused less on the sauces/sides/wines/service and more on the steak and it's preparation, which is something of a trade-off, as those items are all outstanding at McMahons.

    My personal take: McMahon's for a special celebration, or a really nice date, Chad's for a great steak dinner out with family and/or friends.

    1. Oh, and for fish:

      Kingfisher and Bluefin are my favorites in town, but I wouldn't choose them instead of a steak at McMahons or Chads unless I was REALLY in the mood for seafood. (Side note: The bar at Kingfisher is one of my favorites for drinks and snackies.)

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        1. I actually wento McMahon's with my folks when I graduated from UA, and it was great. Back then you could smoke cigars in the bar. No more.

          1. Definately recommend McMahons its very good and I usually am not a steak person. The steaks are unique and different from other places. If you don't feel like steak North for unique italian is really upbeat and fun and the food it great!