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Apr 30, 2008 11:19 PM

Denver Tech Center - Updates please

Greetings Hounds,

I'll be at a conference at the Marriott Denver Tech Center this weekend (May 2nd - May 4th)

Seeking small group dinner options for health consious colleagues. Local/hole in the wall favored over national chains please.. Reviewed some of the previous posts and am requesting updates as they're some months (years) old.

Many thanks - Kristene

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  1. When you say "hole in the wall," you mean you're only looking for low-rent ethnic joints?

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      I'd say more like local ownership rather than a "national chain of upscale dining" Low-rent ethnic is always acceptable if "chow-ie" enough - of course!

      1. re: Kristene

        Right, just trying to determine what sort of ambiance you're looking for...a recent discovery for me is a place called Mosaic very close to the Tech Center. They're still finding themselves vibe-wise but the food is terrific.

        I haven't been to Opus, but I've heard lots of good things, and the menu looks great.

        Of course, if by health-conscious you mean your colleagues are just looking for a nice soup-and-salad-type place I can't really comment. The Tech Center's pretty steakhouse-oriented.

        1. re: Kristene

          Yia Yias in the Tech Center is pretty good, if not a totally Chow-y destination.

          There is also Mel's of Greenwood Village (formerly either Montecito or Anabel's).

      2. Tuk Tuk Thai @ I-225 & DTC Blvd is quick, easy and affordable. I love their yellow curry.

        For upscale (and expensive) Chinese check out Jing. Don't let the uber-hip decor fool you. The food is surprisingly good and good for groups.

        Although you've specifically said you want to avoid chains - Il Fornaio on Belleview and Ulster transcends prototypical Italian chain food. They are easy to find, have a great patio and decent wine list. I've been there more times than I can count and have never been disappointed.

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        1. re: bongomama

          Good to hear about Tuk Tuk Thai since I can see them from my house but hadn't tried them.

          I have to strongly disagree with Il Fornaio at which I think I had one of my worst dining out experiences ever. Bad food, not very good service.

          1. re: RobynS

            Tuk Tuk is a chain, but also is kind of like Thai fast food. It's not bad, for say a weekday lunch if you wanted to run across the street from your office... as long as you don't forget it is fast food... but I'd rather drive a few mins for better thai.

            I agree about Il fornaio, I've had a few dishes that were good, but on the whole it falls flat for the price. I've had better food at maggianos... not that that is saying much.

            1. re: withalonge

              Ah, good to know. Since it's actually across from my house, not my office, I'll continue to forget about it then. :)

          2. re: bongomama

            Sorry to pile on, but I can't agree that Jing is good for groups. A group of us went hoping to share several dishes and we all left dissatisfied, having had about 10 bites each, despite spending $40 a piece. (Compare to the recent thread about dim sum at King's Land.)

            1. re: tatamagouche

              I would give Bara Sushi a try. The sushi is very good and fresh. They also have some creative rolls. It is in the same shopping center as Cool River and Il Fornio (both of which I would avoid like the plague). I would also try Great Northern Tavern. The food is good and hearty. Their ribs are excellent.

              I also think that Jing is over priced and overrated. When you are spending what they ask I expect the food to be better. The rock shrimp tempura is 80% tempura and 20% shrimp. The pork dim sums $2 each served on paper only slightly better than Panda Express. The tenderloin entrees are very good (Both pork and Beef). Overall they should have spent more money on food and less on cool bathroom doors (if you go a must see).

              1. re: tatamagouche

                I was one of the group that Tatmagouche referred to, and I second every comment and also with Meeatgood's description as "overpriced and overrated." In addition to the wallet-busting price, I found the food OK but not great -- sort of like an upmarket PF Chang's with nightclub decor.